It Turns Out ‘Eating Right’ Isn’t Complicated

There are no magic foods. Cleanses are unnecessary and probably unhealthy. But we’re still eating a diet high in crap we know we shouldn’t eat.

Food in a Box!!!

The Trump Administration is seeking to overhaul the food stamps program.

Alcohol Tax Weirdness

Taxes on wine, beer, and spirits vary wildly from state-to-state and even within each state.

Your Second Third Drink

You should stop at three drinks. But you can stop there more than once.

Coffee News

10 Drinks a Day is a Lot of Drinks!

The Ezra Klein-less Wonkblog makes us feel good about our drinking habits.

From the Fools and Money Stack: Kickstarting… Potato Salad?!

Kickstarting a dream of potato salad to the tune of $40k+

The Coffee Insurgency?

The Economist reports that “The coffee insurgency” is winning.

GOP Congressman: My Idea To Force Poor Kids To Work For Lunch Not Directed At Poor Kids

A GOP Senate Candidate in Georgia attempts to back track, and runs off the rails in the process.

Georgia Congressman: Kids Who Get Subsidized School Lunches Should Be Forced To Work

Does your kid qualify for subsidized lunch? One candidate for Senate in Georgia wants to put them to work.

By Wide Margin, Americans Oppose The Nanny State

When it comes to thinks like Mike Bloomberg’s large-sized soda ban, most Americans prefer to just say no.

The Beginning Of The End Of Waiters and Waitresses?

Technology is about the way you order in your local restaurant.

Calorie Counts On Menus Don’t Seem To Influence Food Choices

Another government mandate that doesn’t address a real problem.

The F.D.A.’s Misplaced War On Trans Fats

The FDA is declaring war on trans fats. That’s a bad idea on many levels.

Pacific Beer Helps Avoid Breakdowns

Some century-old Pacific Beer beer ads are “nothing short of brilliant, absurd, and offensive.”

Home Brewing Legal in All 50 States

Until this month, America was not truly a free country.

Bacon Bacon Bacon Restaurant Smells Like Bacon

A San Francisco bacon restaurant smells like bacon. Thankfully, a compromise has been reached.

Bloomberg Big Soda Ban Dumber Than We Thought

The Big Gulp ban won’t ban Big Gulps. But it’ll ban 2-liter Cokes with your pizza and pitchers at Chuck E. Cheese.

Chick-Fil-A Comes Under Fire For Stance On Same-Sex Marriage

Restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is facing criticism after its President’s comments on same-sex marriage.

Cambridge, Mass. Considering New York Style Soda Ban

Another local official wants to join the War On Big Soda.

Mike Bloomberg Wants To Control The Size Of Your Soft Drink

New York City’s Mayor wants to control the size of soft drinks.

POM Pomegranate Juice Not a Wonder Drug?

Apparently, pretended overpriced pomegranate juice is a magic healing elixir is more than the law will allow.

Yogurt Makes Mice Sexy

Not only does yogurt make mice slimmer; it also makes them sexier.

The Junior Mints Are Too Damn High!

Movie theater snacks are expensive. This is not cause for a lawsuit.

Florida Bill Would Ban Food Stamps For ‘Unhealthy’ Food

Once again, a government entity thinks the average person is too dumb to take care of themselves.

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