The New Normal Ain’t Normal

A generation of kids with massive student loans and no prospects is bad news for the status quo.

FDA Considering Age Limits For Caffeinated Beverages?

Recent comments from an FDA official raise the prospect that the agency is considering minor’s access to caffeinated beverages.

Our Cabinet Is Loaded

Many of our cabinet secretaries are independently wealthy.

The Tea Party Takes a Hit

The Tea Party guys had a bad year.

Obama’s Meet the Press Interview

Obama shows some spine.

Under the Bus

The career of Larry Schwartz, who is the Counselor for Public Affairs at the US Embassy in Cairo, is over.

Detroit To Start Turning Out The Lights

The City of Detroit appears ready to abandon vast sections of itself to the metaphorical jungle.

Parties Play to Win the Game

Parties are in politics primarily to win the vote of the median voter, not to join together and sing Kumbaya.

TSA’s Security Through Bureaucracy

Security theater and the bureaucratic mentality.

Can Domestic Policy Affect Income Distribution?

“Can Domestic Policy Affect Income Distribution?” Why, yes, yes it can.

Makers vs. Takers Redux

Revisiting a lively debate from over the weekend.

Federal Workers Overpaid, Say Federal Workers at CBO

Employees of the US Federal Government earn substantially more in salary and benefits than their private sector comparables.

EU Bars Claim That Water Prevents Dehydration

From Europe, a case of regulation gone nuts.

The Rights of Englishmen

What’s a little thing like freedom of speech when there are shops being looted and burned?

If the U.S. Defaults, Eric Cantor Makes Money

If the U.S. defaults, Eric Cantor will make some money.

The Myth of Shovel Ready Jobs, Again

What was that, a joke about shovel ready jobs not being so shovel ready. Yeah unemployment a topic ripe for great comedy.

The Constitutionally Dubious War Powers Act

Clearly there’s a large ambiguity in the Constitutional gap between the two separate war-related powers of Congress and the Executive. The WPA can be seen as an attempt to resolve it but can’t if it’s unconstitutional.

Pedestrian Safety: Preventable Deaths?

Thousands of pedestrians are killed in America each year. Are we doing enough about it?

Diploma Mills: Close Enough For Government Work

Most good government jobs require a college degree–but they don’t care much whether it’s a real one.

Chicago School Bans Kids From Bringing Lunch From Home

Should kids be required to buy their lunch at school rather than bring whatever their parents might pack for them to eat?

Copious Quantities of Casuistry

Judge Sumi’s TROs arise from a veritable cornucopia of error.

ThinkProgress Flogs Drunken Horse

Whether due to innumeracy or intentional deceitfulness, ThinkProgress has the JobsOhio bill totally wrong.

You Can’t Make the Government Perfect, But You Can Make It Better

It’s institutions of government – not its size – that matter when it comes to how good a job the government does.

The cost of doing nothing The cost of doing nothing

Less Than Zero

The Social Security “trust fund” may actually be worse than worthless.

Real Doctors, Fake Notes

Either Andrew Breitbart controls the entire media complex or Crooks & Liars jumped the gun. “Figure it out.”

TSA Workers Gain Right to Join Most Pointless Union Ever

TSA screeners will now have the right to join a union. Or at least a union that can’t actually negotiate much of anything.

The Debt Ceiling Will Be Raised — Get Used To It

Demanding that the new GOP House hold the line at the current number is satisfying rhetorically, but all-but-impossible politically.

Blogging Liberty and Tyranny, Chapter One, Part One

I’m blogging Mark Levin’s Conservative Manifesto. Here’s part one…

The Constitution, Politics, And The Eternal Hamiltonian-Jeffersonian Battle

Constitutional ambiguity is as old as, well, it’s as old as the Constitution itself

Judicial Activism: It’s Not Just A River In Egypt

Judicial activism doesn’t mean “reaching a decision I don’t like.”

WikiLeaks Reveals American Contractors’ Involvement In Afghan Pedophile Ring

WikiLeaks’ reveals that DynCorp, a government contractor, provided drugs and child sex slaves to Afghan police–and the State Department helped cover it up.

Treasury Check Treasury Check

Obama to Freeze Federal Wages 2 Years

President Obama proposes freezing federal civilian salaries for the next two years, saving billions in anticipated spending.