100 Saved Body Scans Now On-Line

A Florida courthouse illegally saved 35,000 images from security scanners.

How Would I Solve the Deficit

Here’s my plan for creating a budget surplus of $126 billion by 2015 and $592 billion by 2030.

Earmark Reform Isn’t Just Symbolism

Eliminating earmarks is good policy and good politics.

Mortgage Foreclosure Fiasco

Banks are faced with a huge number of foreclosures and that resources they’ve allocated towards handling them was woefully inadequate.

The Risk of a Fiscal Crisis

The CBO sees a clear threat of a fiscal crisis during the next two decades unless we’re saved by magic ponies.

Licensing Barbers

Why do we need to license barbers, again?

Ray Bradbury: Too Much Government, Let’s Colonize Mars

Renowned author Ray Bradbury hates big government but wants it to fund the colonization of Mars. That a man of his intelligence and insight can hold such diametrically opposed thoughts is an amusing reminder of the limits of human rationality.

Federal Workers Earn Twice Private Sector Counterparts?

The average federal government employee earns twice as much as the average private sector worker. An outrage? Not so much.

When Government Hands You Lemons

According to health inspectors in Portland, Oregon, this little girl is potentially a threat to your health and safety.

Should Government Get Out Of Marriage Business?

Should we abandon the notion of civil marriage? Would doing so end the clash over homosexual unions?

Krugman vs. The Actuaries on Medicare

Paul Krugman’s Medicare projections don’t line up with what the actuaries are telling us.

Unemployment Duration

Most research shows that unemployment benefits/insurance increases the duration of unemployment.

Why Paved Roads Are Being Converted to Gravel

Is the left to blame for unpaved roads?

Did the Stimulus Work?

Nobody can really say whether the stimulus worked — or even define “worked” — but that doesn’t stop them from issuing pronouncements.

This Is Why It’s Good That It’s Hard To Amend The Constitution

A new poll shows that Americans have some odd ideas about the Constitution, and how to change it.

Should We Fear A Lame-Duck Congress ?

Will Democrats use a lame-duck session of Congress to pass legislation they can’t get through otherwise ? They might try, but I doubt they’ll succeed.

The Lie of Shovel Ready Jobs

President Obama was shocked –SHOCKED! — to learn that bureaucracy and contracting hassles delay construction projects.

Americans Willing to Pay for Cops, Not Public Employees

Americans are more supportive of their tax money going to law enforcement than welfare.

Soda Bans and Reductio Creep

San Francisco’s ban on sugary drinks is the latest example of nanny state reductio creep.

How Stupid Can Cops Be?

Some cops apparently still haven’t figured out that it’s legal to take pictures in public places — even of cops.

TED: Sweat the Small Stuff

Brilliant, funny TED Talk about the disconnect between cost and effectiveness.

Civil Discourse on teh Internets?

Daniel Larison and Reihan Salan have an intelligent discussion on the Internet, managing to persuade each other!

Queer the Census

Taxes Per Person