Report: Edward Snowden Charged With Espionage And Other Charges

Not surprisingly, Edward Snowden has been formally charged in connection with the leak of classified NSA documents.

Edward Snowden Did Not Commit Treason

Edward Snowden has likely violated many laws, but, absent additional facts, treason is not one of them.

FBI Admits It Uses Surveillance Drones In The U.S.

Thanks to one question from one Senator, we learned yesterday that the FBI has used surveillance drones inside the United States.

West Virginia Teen Faces Jail Time For Wearing NRA T-Shirt To School

An absolutely ridiculous criminal case out of West Virginia.

Who Cares About Jimmy Hoffa’s Body?

What possible value would it have almost four decades after the fact that justifies expending not inconsiderable taxpayer resources?

SCOTUS Fumbles On The Fifth Amendment

Yesterday, the Supreme Court narrowly decided a case on the right against self-incrimination that is likely to do great harm to individual rights.

Arizona Law Requiring Proof Of Citizenship To Register To Vote Struck Down By SCOTUS

Today’s decision by the Supreme Court was, on the surface, a victory for Federal Supremacy, but the issue itself is far from resolved.

“Happy Birthday To You” And What’s Wrong With Intellectual Property Law

A song written when Grover Cleveland was President is still protected by Copyright Law. That makes no sense at all.

Military Judge: Obama’s Comments On Military Sex Abuse An “Undue Command Influence”

Did President Obama’s comments about taking a tough stand on military sexual assault constitute “undue influence” on specific cases? One military judge says that they did.

Supreme Court Bans Protests at Supreme Court but Not Near the Supreme Court

The AP has the Supreme Court banning demonstrations at the Supreme Court. The regulation in question doesn’t actually do that.

Organ Transplants, Medical Ethics, And Children

Getting the courts involved in the organ transplant issue could end up being a huge mistake.

Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Cannot Be Patented

Thanks to the Supreme Court, your DNA cannot be patented.

Rep. Peter King (R., New York) Wants Journalists Prosecuted As Spies

One Congressman thinks it would be a good idea to treat journalists as criminals.

What Happens When A President You Don’t Trust Has These Powers?

Even if you trust the current occupant of the White House to exercise the powers granted to the agencies operating in secret under him, do you trust all future Presidents?

Charting 33 Years’ of FISA Reports to Congress

Exploring data from 33 years’ of FISA reports to Congress

ACLU Files Suit Over NSA Phone Records Data Mining

The ACLU is suing over the NSA’s data mining. Does it really have a chance?

Obama Administration Changes Strategy, Drops Age Restrictions For Morning After Pill

The Administration has accepted reality in its fight against a ruling that made the “morning after” pill available regardless of age.

Chad Johnson Gets 30 Days in Jail for Butt Pat

The former NFL wideout formerly known as Chad Ochocinco will spend a month in jail for patting his lawyer on the fanny.

Edward Snowden, Leaker Of NSA Data Mining Stories, Steps Forward

Meet Edward Snowden, the 29 year old CIA/NSA contractor who has confessed to leaking the details of the NSA’s data mining projects.

Security Data-Mining And Other Forms Of Witchcraft

At what point do science and magic converge? And what are the potential costs?

FISA, Blanket Searches, and the 4th Amendment

The government has your cell phone and credit card records. What can they do with that information?

Federal Judge Dismisses Pennsylvania Lawsuit Against NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions

Set backs for Pennsylvania in its effort to reverse the NCAA sanctions against Penn State, and a new lawsuit from the Paterno family. The Sandusky story returns.

In Challenge To Senate GOP, Obama Names Three Judges To D.C. Circuit

President Obama threw down a gauntlet today in the form of a trio of Judicial nominations.

Are There Limits To DNA Testing By the State?

The state of Mississippi is going to use DNA evidence to track down statutory rapists. Why not deadbeat dads?

Bradley Manning Trial Begins With Charges He Put U.S. Soldiers At Risk

Starting today, the fate of Pfc. Bradley Manning is on trial in a courtroom at Fort Meade, Maryland.

New Jersey Law In Conflict On Timing Of Special Elections After Senate Vacancies

Conflicting provisions in New Jersey law could turn scheduling a Special Election to replace Frank Lautenberg into a big legal battle.

Supreme Court: Police Can Take DNA Samples Before Conviction

Another body blow to the Fourth Amendment from the Supreme Court.

Did Eric Holder Commit Perjury? Probably Not

Eric Holder’s testimony before Congress is leading to accusations of perjury, but the argument that he did so seem pretty weak.

Judge Orders Google To Comply With Secret FBI Demands For User Information

Once again, national security wins and privacy loses.

Suspect Ordered To Provide Decryption Password: A Fifth Amendment Violation?

New developments in a still very new area of the law.

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Of Ruling Against Effort To Block Planned Parenthood Funding

The Supreme Court declined to accept an appeal of a case in which Indiana’s effort to defund Planned Parenthood had been blocked by a Federal Court.

The Wetumpka Tea Party and Defining “Potential Political Cases”

When does politics become the “primary activity” of a 501(c)4?

George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, And The Rules Of Evidence

It’s time to take a look at the pre-trial issues in what is likely to be the trial of the Summer of 2013.

Just Say No To Special Prosecutors

Republicans should reject the calls to call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate the unfolding scandals in Washington.

Bloggers, Media Shield Laws, And The First Amendment

Should bloggers be treated the same as “journalists” for the purpose of the protections granted by media shield laws?

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