Why The Supreme Court Is Likely To Uphold ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate

Despite yesterday’s victory for opponents of the Affordable Care Act, the prospects in the Supreme Court are not good.

Joe Miller Won’t Go Away

Joe Miller lost the Alaska Senate election by more than 10,000 votes but he’s still fighting.

Federal Judge: Health Care Law Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

A Federal Judge in Virginia has handed the first legal defeat to the President’s health care reform package.

Law, Morality, And Incest: When Should Something Be Illegal?

The weekend arrest of a Columbia University Professor for an apparently consensual act raises some interesting questions about why precisely a specific act should be subject to criminal prosecution.

The Julian Assange Case, Consent, And Rape

Inspired by the reaction to the Julian Assange case, a feminist writer proposes dangerous changes to American rape laws.

Columbia PoliSci Prof Charged with Incest

Columbia political science professor David Epstein has been charged with a 3-year incestuous relationship with his adult daughter.

Treason And The Wikileaks Case

There’s been much talk recently about treason charges in the Wikileaks case, an most of it has been entirely wrong.

Batman: Agent of the State

Given that Batman has quasi-official sanction from the Gotham Police, aren’t his tactics illegal?

WikiLeaks Reveals American Contractors’ Involvement In Afghan Pedophile Ring

WikiLeaks’ reveals that DynCorp, a government contractor, provided drugs and child sex slaves to Afghan police–and the State Department helped cover it up.

Julian Assange Charges and ‘Sex By Surprise’

Julian Assange is a loathsome human being. Is he also a rapist? Under Swedish law, maybe.

Proposition 8 Has Its Day In Court In The 9th Circuit

California’s Proposition 8 faced another legal test in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday, and the day didn’t seem to go well for opponents of same-sex marriage.

The 17th Amendment, Federalism, And Reversing History

Would returning to indirect election of Senators really have a significant impact on the growth of the Federal Government? Probably not.

Viacom: YouTube Ruling ‘Completely Destroys’ Copyright

Viacom says a lower court ruling in favor of Google “would radically transform the functioning of the copyright system and severely impair, if not completely destroy, the value of many copyrighted creations.”

Feds Tracking Your Credit Card Use Without Search Warrants

A document uncovered in a Freedom of Information Act request demonstrates the extent to which Federal law enforcement works outside the requirements of the Constitution.

Further Thoughts On The Repeal Amendment

Further thoughts on a rather radical proposed Amendment to the Constitution, prompted by a link from Instapundit.

PFC Bradley Manning’s Charge Sheet

Michael Yon provides a digital copy of PFC Bradley Manning’s Charge Sheet, dated 29 May. It makes for interesting reading.

Incoming House Majority Leader Endorses Plan To Destroy Constitution

Incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is speaking positively about an Amendment that would drastically alter the relationship between the Federal Government and the states, and a method of ratifying it that could do serious damage to the Constitution as a whole.

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Health Care Reform Law

Another Federal Judge dismisses a Constitutional challenge to the health care reform law, and demonstrates just how unlikely it is that any of the lawsuits against the law will be successful.

Interpol Issues Julian Assange Arrest Warrant

The Feds famously got notorious mobster Al Capone on tax evasion charges. Will WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange be done in by sex crimes?

Four Turkeys, Zero People: The Case Of Barack Obama’s Missing Pardons

After 1 1/2 years in office, President Obama has yet to grant a single request for a pardon or clemency, continuing a thirty year trend in which the Presidential pardon power has nearly fallen in to disuse.

Terrorist Plot, Or Entrapment?

Another FBI sting operation results in the arrest of a “terrorist,” or did it create a crime where none existed before?

Willie Nelson Charged with Pot Possession

Shocking Headline Of The Day: “Willie Nelson charged with pot possession in Texas.”

Fixing the Copyright System

The American copyright system is broken. Cory Doctorow offers some useful suggestions for fixing it.

Feds Seize Domain Names

In an effort to combat illegal file sharing, the US Department of Homeland Security is seizing domain names.

DeLay Guilty . . . Of What, Exactly?

Tom DeLay is a sleazebag and has been found guilty by an Austin jury for skirting the law. But it may in fact be a miscarriage of justice despite the victim being as unsympathetic as it gets.

Palin Beats Gawker in Book Suit

federal judge on Saturday ordered the website Gawker to pull down unauthorized excerpts from Sarah Palin’s forthcoming book, “America By Heart.”

US Troops to Mexican Drug War? (So Contemplates Rick Perry)

Would troops to Mexico help in the drug war?

Ron Paul: Prosecute TSA Agents for Groping

Ron Paul has introduced a law (the “American Traveler Dignity Act”) that would punish TSA agents for groping and x-raying Americans.

Terrorism Show Trial Ends With Near-Complete Acquittal

The first civilian trial of a Guantanamo detainee ends with the Defendant being acquitted on all but one charge, and shows us why the entire process is little more than a show trial.

100 Saved Body Scans Now On-Line

A Florida courthouse illegally saved 35,000 images from security scanners.

Did Arianna Huffington Steal Website Idea?

Arianna Huffington has become an online mogul by convincing big donors to pay her for content others generate for free. Did she steal the idea?

DNA Test Suggests Texas May Have Executed An Innocent Man

A ten year old case out of Texas raises yet more doubts about the justice of the death penalty.

Murkowski Continues To Lead In Write-In Count, Miller Camp Grows More Desperate

As the counting of write-in ballots in Alaska continues to go in Lisa Murkowski’s favor, the Miller campaign is getting more desperate in its ballot challenges.

Joe Miller Sues to Prevent ‘Intent’ Interpretation

Joe Miller is suing to ensure that only write-in votes that correctly spell “Lisa Murkowski” count rather than allowing voting officials to guess at voter intent.

It Doesn’t Matter If It’s Allah, Jesus, or Aqua Buddha: Why “Separation Of Church And State” Exists

An incident at a school in England provides us with an object lesson in why the often derided concept of separation of church and state is an important part of protecting individual liberty.

A Comparative Fact Regarding the Death Penalty that Gives One Pause

Of the five countries that use the death penalty the most, only one is a democracy.

Three Iowa Justices Ousted Over Gay Marriage Ruling

Three of the Justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in Iowa have been removed by the voters. That strikes me as the beginning of a dangerous trend.

San Francisco Bans Happy Meals

In yet another move designed to take the fun out of being a kid, San Francisco has banned the Happy Meal.

When Will Full Body Scans Become Mandatory?

We’re probably just one big scare away from mandatory full-body scans.

Copyright Stupidity

Too many copyright owners are stupidly invoking their rights to keep short clips off of YouTube and other services, losing potential customers in the process.

Too Many Law Schools, Too Many Lawyers

Neither Law Schools nor law students are admitting the fact that the legal market has changed significantly.

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