The Abuse of Power in a Small Town Police Force

Not Mayberry. Not even close.

Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre

A serial criminal murdered five and injured dozens.

Police, Money, and Perverse Incentives

Officers are under enormous pressure–including from the Federal government–to write tickets.

Hero Shot By Cop in Active Shooter Incident

The downside of the “good guy with a gun” trope.

Police Didn’t Clear Protestors for Trump Photo-Op?

Don’t believe your lying eyes.

SCOTUS Declines Qualified Immunity Challenge

Federal police officers continue to be immune from lawsuits.

Police Perception and Race

A recent poll provides interesting insights.

Chauvin’s Life in Prison

Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

Everything That’s Wrong with Policing in America

Rogue cops, racial profiling, tainted cases, and the lack of consequences.

Maryland Removes Police Protections over Hogan’s Veto

The Free State may have gotten just a little freer.

Traffic Stops and Drawn Guns

We need to rethink traffic stops.

‘Justice’ Difficult in Chauvin Trial

A criminal trial is a poor venue for solving society’s problems.

Vice Among Vice Cops

When the solution is worse than the problem.

Capitol Police Officer Killed in Attack

A loon wolf terrorist who followed Louis Farrakhan was responsible.

Atlanta Shooting Not a Hate Crime?

The U.S. Senators and a U.S. Representative beg to differ.

Why Was Capitol Security Inadequate?

A large, well-trained police force was unprepared for a foreseeable crisis.

Police Warned About Nashville Bomber 16 Months Ago

In hindsight, there were more than a few clues.

Two More Officers from Breonna Taylor Raid Fired

The detective who shot her and another who prepared the warrant have been ousted nine months later.

Thoughts on the Breonna Taylor Case and Beyond

Considering Breonna Taylor’s death, police shootings, and human rights.

Should Noncompliance be a Capital Offense?

This really is the heart of the issue.

Richmond Police Claim White Supremacists Behind BLM Riots

The ‘outside agitators’ trope strikes again.

In Response to John Podhoretz’s Latest Column

Shame on him for defending authoritarian actions.

Cops Aren’t Soldiers

The similarities are obvious. The differences are more important.

Police Shouldn’t Be Anonymous

Cops aren’t soldiers or spies but fellow citizens.

Portland Mayor Tear-Gassed

Federal agents deployed nonlethal force against peaceful demonstrators.

Cops Should Not Look Like Soldiers

Pentagon officials are speaking out about the militarization of police.

Non-Violent Protests

At what point does a demonstration become something else?

Federal Agents Using Strong-Arm Tactics in America’s Cities

Portland may be a preview of what’s to come.

Amy Klobuchar Withdraws from Race She Wasn’t In

The Senator from Minnesota is no longer a candidate for Vice President.

"Defund the Police" by Peg Hunter is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 "Defund the Police" by Peg Hunter is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

Defund the Police? Abolish the Police?

Decades of reform efforts have failed. Is it time for a radical solution?

New Charges in George Floyd Killing

Balancing social justice and criminal justice in a politically charged environment.

Police Are Above the Law

The system makes it next to impossible to punish bad cops.

Our Awful Criminal Justice System

A stroll down memory lane.

Fort Worth Police Officer Charged With Murder In Death Of Atatiana Jefferson

The officer involved in the shooting death of a woman in Fort Worth, Texas has been charged with murder.

Fort Worth Police Shooting Leaves Innocent Woman Dead

Another police shooting of an innocent African-American. This time in Fort Worth, Texas.

‘I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump’

The President’s latest ravings are “very bad, very bad.”

Chicago Police Officer Sentenced To Seven Years In Murder Of Laquan McDonald

A Chicago police officer convicted of second-degree murder has been sentenced to seven years in prison, but could be out in as little as three-and-a-half.

Former Dallas Police Officer Indicted On Murder Charges In Botham Jean Shooting

Former Dallas police office Amber Guyger has been charged with murder in connection with the September shooting of Botham Jean in his own apartment.

Amber Guyger Fired From Dallas Police Department Over Botham Jean Shooting

Amber Guyger has been fired by the Dallas Police Department, now it’s up to the justice system to hold her accountable for her actions.

Shooting By Off-Duty Dallas Policewoman Raises Far More Questions Than It Answers

The shooting of Botham Jean by off-duty Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger earlier this month seems like a clear cut murder. So why is she only charged with manslaughter?

Police Now Have Ability to Unlock Phones

A decryption device called GrayKey is being used by all manner of government agencies.

Sacramento Man Killed By Police Shot Eight Times In The Back Or Side, Autopsy Finds

Stephon Clark died after being shot eight times in the back and side by police in Sacramento. So far, the authorities haven’t acted.

Video Of Police Arresting Utah Nurse Over Blood Test Leads To National Controversy

A Nurse in Utah stood up for her patient’s rights, and was harassed by the police for her efforts.

Did Police Do Too Little to Stop Charlottesville Violence?

Authorities are being second-guessed over their handling of Saturday’s protests. Virginia gun laws are the more obvious problem.

South Carolina Police Officer To Plead Guilty In Walter Scott Shooting

A guilty plea in a particularly shocking case of police brutality.

DC Police Supported Women’s March; We Shouldn’t Know That

Police must be seen as neutral protectors of the peace.

Oklahoma Police Officer Charged In Shooting Death Of African-American Man

An Oklahoma police officer has been charged in the shooting death of an African-American man while North Carolina authorities continue to balk on releasing a video in a shooting case there.