Lede of the Day

Floridians are going to have to start pulling up their pants and stop having sex with animals soon.

Best Front Page Ever

The Atlantic’s Jim Fallows dubs this the Greatest Front Page Ever: A day filled with romance, pageantry, and playfulness is sealsed with a kiss: Osama bin Laden is dead”

Obama Osama Speech Photos Faked (As Usual)

The photographs of President Obama that appeared in the papers after the Osama announcement were staged.

Osama bin Laden’s Death News Broken on Twitter

Keith Urbahn, chief of staff of former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, broke the news.

Fun with URLs

The Independent allows creative versions of the URLs on their stories.

National Review Offers Free Porn

A special surprise was waiting this morning for those who subscribe to Jim Geraghty’s Jolt newsletter.

TV Ratings Myths

Demographic information about TV viewers is worthless to advertisers.

Huffington Post Freelancer Files Class Action Suit Against HuffPo

A Huffington Post contributor who had no expectation of being paid for his contributions is suing HuffPo for $105 million.

Glenn Beck Leaving FOX News

Glenn Beck will leave his Fox News show in December.

Incorporation Frustration

You remember how the House GOP was trying to pass laws without the Senate or the President agreeing? Yeah, about that….

Bad Headline of the Day

The New York Times wins for “Afghans Avenge Florida Koran Burning, Killing 12.”

Joyner on WERC

I’ll be on Birmingham’s News Radio 105.5 WERC around 11:10 Eastern to discuss the allegations that Auburn University was paying players (and the larger implications this has for college athletics) and rise of concierge vacations for the rich.

UNF Oral Sex Photo Controversy

A photo suggesting oral sex on the cover of a student newspaper has generated controversy.

Sexism Parody Demonstrates Lack of Sexism

A handful of young male bloggers have launched themselves to the head of the line, leapfrogging those who’ve spent years playing the game by the old rules.juice

Biden Puts Reporter in Closet

Vice President Joe Biden’s team forced a reporter to wait in a tiny closet in order to cover the vice president’s remarks at a fundraiser.

Newspaper Job Ad Goes Viral

Matthew Doig of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune posted a want ad for an investigative reporter and it’s gone viral.

Shailagh Murray Biden’s New Communications Chief

Shailagh Murray becomes the latest reporter to join the Obama White House.

New York Times Announces Paywall Rates To Begin March 28th

In less than two weeks, much of the content of The New York Times will go behind a paywall.

Four NYT Journalists Missing in Libya

New York Times journalists Anthony Shadid, Stephen Farrell, Tyler Hicks, and Lynsey Addario have not been heard from in more than 24 hours.

Anatomy of a Meme: How the P.J. Crowley Quote Went Viral

Philippa Thomas has a fascinating take on how she broke the news of (now former) State Department P.J. Crowley’s condemnation of the Obama administration’s treatment of Bradley Manning.

NPR’s Leadership Problem

NPR is a collection of local stations, not a single station. And it’s run that way.

New Media Sucks; So Did Old Media

While there are doubtless flaws with the journalistic values and culture of the New Media, we too often contrast today with a Golden Age of Media that never existed.


Andrew Sullivan Joins Daily Beast

While the prestige outlets of the halcyon days of the last millennium still hold some cachet for those of us old enough to remember that era, they mean next to nothing on the Web.

Why Does Anyone Take Glenn Beck Seriously?

Some conservatives are finally waking up and realizing what people like Glenn Beck are doing to the movement. It’s probably too late, though.

WSJ Drops Honorifics For Sports Pages

The Wall Street Journal is joining the modern era and dropping the practice of referring to people as “Mr.” and “Ms.” But only on the sports pages.

Glenn Beck Against Google Use?

Beck is now concerned about Google.

Jay Carney Paid $270,000 By TIME While Working For Biden

Politico (Jay Carney got $270K from Time magazine after leaving) has uncovered a major payola scandal. Or is hyping a complete non-story.

Obama’s Propaganda Machine

The White House Press Office produces a blog, YouTube channel, Flickr photo stream, Facebook and Twitter profiles, and daily video programming.

Medved: Stop Saying That Obama Wants to Destroy America

Michael Medved wishes that conservatives would stop implying that the President of the United States wants to destroy the United States.

Sports Illustrated Ends Print-Only Subscriptions

Sports Illustrated is trying to force subscribers to pay for a bundle of web and print services. Bad idea.

Cheney and Rumsfeld Booed at CPAC

The media are wildly exaggerating the heckling at a gathering of conservatives.

The Eschatological Stylings of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck seems to have more in common with End Time preachers than he does with a serious political analyst.

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