New York Times Sells Boston Globe For 95% Loss

A business move that signals the continuing death of the newspaper industry.

Bradley Manning Acquitted Of ‘Aiding The Enemy,’ Could Still Face Up To 136 Years In Prison

Bradley Manning was acquitted of the most serious charge against him, but is still likely to spend most of his life in prison.

Limbaugh and Hannity Off Cumulus Stations?

The nation’s second largest broadcaster is balking at the prices to keep Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on its air.

Guardian Offers ‘Republican’ Option to Escape Royal Baby News

Max Fisher has spotted a tiny link amidst the Guardian’s navigation options.

Nate Silver Leaving New York Times For ESPN, ABC

Three years after joining The New York Times, Nate Silver is jumping ship to Disney’s ESPN and ABC.

Should Juror’s Identities Ever Be Kept Secret?

Until the presiding Judge in the case rules otherwise, the identities of the members of the jury in the Zimmerman is secret. Should that be the case?

Twitter Study Misunderstands Twitter

A new study says Twitter doesn’t break news faster than the wires. But nobody claims it does.

NBC Apologizes For Losing New Hampshire

The NBC News graphics department failed geography miserably. Here, Brian Williams and company admit the error with grace, charm, and good humor.

Two Excellent Summaries Of Recent IRS Developments

Looking for a quick overview of recent developments in the IRS Tea Party Scandal? Here are two links to help.

David Gregory Asks If Glenn Greenwald Should Be Prosecuted

Does David Gregory consider Glenn Greenwald to be a reporter deserving of protection, or “just a blogger” who may be a potential criminal?

YahooNews: Obama Won’t Be Stopping at Birth Country on Africa Trip

The lede of a YahooNews report on President Obama’s trip to Africa: “President Barack Obama makes the first extended trip to Africa of his presidency next week—but he won’t be stopping at the country of his birth.”

Weekly Crowdsource: Your “Must Read” Experts Edition

This week’s Weekly Crowdsource is a search for new experts to follow.

Supreme Court Bans Protests at Supreme Court but Not Near the Supreme Court

The AP has the Supreme Court banning demonstrations at the Supreme Court. The regulation in question doesn’t actually do that.

Cigarette Ads Returning To Television

Thanks to those new electronic cigarettes, ads for cigarettes are back on television for the first time since the Nixon Administration.

Cool Infographic – Evolution of Superman’s “S” Shield

Superman’s famous shield changes from 1938 to present.

NSA PRISM Story Overhyped

Not only do we not know the whole story of the NSA data mining operation, key details of what thought we knew are wrong.

Security Data-Mining And Other Forms Of Witchcraft

At what point do science and magic converge? And what are the potential costs?

Newsweek For Sale

You Got Your X-Men in My Avengers!

Fox and Disney are in a legal fight over movie rights to a minor comic book character.

Bipartisan Justice Officials Back AP Investigation

Senior DOJ officials from the previous three administrations back the Obama DOJ’s controversial subpoenaing of AP conversations.

Fox Reporter Investigated Under Espionage Act

After many attempts to manufacture grand scandals out of very little, Republicans may finally have a legitimate outrage on their hands.

Media Fatigue, Syria, and Social Science

Social scientists take note: the press has gotten bored with Syria, so your data are no longer reliable.

What “Breach Of National Security?”

Just how serious was the leak that the Associated Press reported on last May?

Kevin Williamson: Hero Or Menace?

What is the appropriate response to someone who’s acting like a jerk?

Too Early for 2016 Talk?

We’re actually not speculating about who might be running any more than we used to.

CNN Anchors Do Split-Screen From Same Parking Lot

Ashleigh Banfield of CNN and Nancy Grace of CNN’s Headline News staged a bizarre split-screen interview on two breaking true crime stories despite being 30 feet from one another in the same parking lot.

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