Special Ops Troops’ Marriages Shaky, Survey Shows

A state of perpetual war is incompatible with good mental health and stable family relationships.

Monuments to Wasteful Spending in Afghanistan

The US military’s lavish new headquarters in Afghanistan has been completed just in time for our exit.

Frustration With Karzai Pushing Obama Toward “Zero Option” In Afghanistan

Frustrations with the mercurial leader of Afghanistan may increase the pace of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

We Don’t Have a Secretary of the Air Force

Michael Donley announced he was stepping down as Secretary of the Air force in April and did so in June. No replacement has been named.

Dempsey: Snowden Harmed Relations with Allies

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says revealing that the United States is spying on its allies has undermined their trust.

When Is A Coup Not A Coup?

Words don’t always mean what you think they mean.

Hutchins War Crimes Conviction Overturned; Implications for Manning

The conviction of Marine Sergeant Lawrence Hutchins III for war crimes in 2006 has been overturned.

SECDEF Hagel on DOMA Ruling

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has wasted no time issuing a full-throated statement endorsing today’s DOMA ruling

Navy Building Carrier Drone

The Navy is building a ridiculously expensive robot spy plane.

Glen Coffee, Former Alabama and 49er Football Star, Graduates Airborne School

When Glen Coffee abruptly retired from a promising NFL career, most wondered what he was up to. Now we know.

Royal Navy Updates Nelson’s Toast

For two centuries, British sailors have toasted their “wives and sweethearts.” No more.

Most Americans Oppose Obama Administration’s Incoherent Syria Policy

Two polls indicate that most Americans oppose the President’s latest moves on Syria. This makes sense considering actual policy there seems to be entirely incoherent.

Military Judge: Obama’s Comments On Military Sex Abuse An “Undue Command Influence”

Did President Obama’s comments about taking a tough stand on military sexual assault constitute “undue influence” on specific cases? One military judge says that they did.

VA Backlog Finally Improving

The infamous VA backlog is finally dwindling. Much of it was a function of good intentions.

Prince Harry Saved Gay Soldier From Beating

Then-Lieutenant Wales intervened to prevent a gay trooper from getting beaten by a gang of thugs.

Joint Chiefs Want to Keep Sexual Assault Prosecution Authority

If there’s one thing that our generals and admirals agree on it’s that generals and admirals should retain their power.

Kristin Beck, formerly Chris, penned her story of going from an elite Navy SEAL to a woman in the book "Warrior Princess." Kristin Beck, formerly Chris, penned her story of going from an elite Navy SEAL to a woman in the book "Warrior Princess."

Navy SEAL Comes Out as Transgender

Chris Beck spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL. Kristen Beck has written a book about her experiences.

Bradley Manning Trial Begins With Charges He Put U.S. Soldiers At Risk

Starting today, the fate of Pfc. Bradley Manning is on trial in a courtroom at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Did The Pentagon Exaggerate The Effects of Sequestration?

The sequestration cuts are two months old, and it seems pretty clear that the claims of doom we heard before they went into effect were heavily exaggerated.

Christine Fox, ‘Top Gun,’ and the Casual Sexism of 1985

Christine Fox, the real-life inspiration for Charlie of “Top Gun,” and the casual sexism of 1985.

Media Fatigue, Syria, and Social Science

Social scientists take note: the press has gotten bored with Syria, so your data are no longer reliable.

Does Benghazi Rise To The Level Of A “Scandal?”

Republicans looking to Benghazi for political ammunition are likely going to be disappointed.

Administration Silent On Future Plans For U.S. Troops In Afghanistan

The United States is currently negotiating for a U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan after 2014, but they’re not sharing their plans with the American people.

Green Beret Found Living in Vietnam 44 Years Later Story Apparent Hoax

The story of an American Green Beret found living in Vietnam 44 years after he had been declared dead appears to be a hoax.

Obama Says He’ll Try To Close Guantanamo Prison Again

President Obama said today that he wants to move forward with closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay but there’s little he can do on his own.

The American People Want To Stay Out Of Syria

A new poll shows that 62% of Americans oppose American military intervention in Syria’s civil war.

Congress Forcing The Army To Buy Tanks It Doesn’t Want

Once again, politics is dictating military policy.

Massive Vacancies at Defense and State Departments

There are far too many appointed positions in the US government. And many of them are unfilled.

David Petraeus Joins CUNY Faculty, Brings Intern Experience

General Petreaus is now Dr. Petraeus and will be teaching a 1-1 load a the City University of New York.

Did Special Forces Snipers Kill Americans After Katrina?

A former Navy SEAL charges that Blackwater snipers killed American citizens in New Orleans during Katrina’s aftermath.