Marine Sergeant Booted For Anti-Obama Facebook Comments

Marine Sergeant Gary Stein will soon be free to criticize the commander-in-chief all he wants. As a civilian.

Soldier Reprimanded For Ron Paul Endorsement

A Reserve Specialist who endorsed Ron Paul’s presidential candidacy in uniform will only be reprimanded, not court martialed.

Leon Panetta looks like shit Leon Panetta looks like shit

Who Dresses Leon Panetta?

What the hell was Leon Panetta thinking when he got dressed? He’s surrounded by fit Marines in battle dress and he’s wearing a poorly fitted blue short-sleeved “dress” shirt,* pleated slacks, and perhaps the most askew gig line ever, calling attention to his pot belly.

Joe Biden: Bin Laden Raid Was “Most Audacious Plan” In 500 Years

Joe Biden got a little braggadocious last night.

The Consequences Of Attacking Iran

An attack on Iran is likely to unleash consequences that we are unprepared to deal with.

American Soldier Kills At Least 15 Afghan Civilians

A tragic incident in Afghanistan that’s likely to have tragic consequences.

Obama Gets 9 More Military Planes for Campaign

Another chapter in the annals of American Politicians as Royalty:

Captain Carroll LeFon, Neptunus Lex, Killed in Crash

Carrol LeFon, better known on the Internet as Neptunus Lex, one of the original milbloggers, has been killed in a fighter jet crash.

Green Beret Dies Trying to Save Daughters From Fire

CWO2 Edward Cantrell, a decorated Special Forces veteran, died trying to save his daughters Isabella and Natalia from a house fire.

John McCain Advocates Unprovoked War Against Syria

Arizona’s senior Senator want’s to bomb Syria.

Army Raising NCO Retention Standards

Over the last decade-plus of war, the US Army has relaxed its promotion and retention standards for commissioned and non-commissioned officers. As we transition into peacetime, the pendulum is swinging the other direction.

Major Robert J. Marchanti II, RIP

The Pentagon has released the name of the US Army National Guard major murdered in an Afghan ministry this weekend.

Afghan Protests Prove, It’s Time For Us To Leave

The latest round of protests in Afghanistan prove yet again that it’s time for us to leave.

Stolen Valor Act and the Supreme Court

Why should lying about having served in combat or been awarded a medal for valor should be legally different from lying about athletic prowess in high school, the number of sexual partners you’ve had, or the size of one’s sex organs?

NATO Secretary-General: No Intervention In Syria

Yet another sign that international intervention in Syria is most likely never going to happen.

Military’s Lock-Step Promotion System

The military promotion system does not reward top performers rapidly enough.

Military Less Republican Than You Think

The popular notion that the United States military is monolithically Republican is mistaken.

A Parade For Iraq War Vets?

As they did four years, ago the New York Giants will get a parade in New York City today. Some are wondering when Iraq War vets will get theirs.

Some Generals Will Make More in Retirement Than Active Duty

A change in the law will radically increase retirement pay for generals and admirals.

Come on, America, Do Some of that Intervention Shit

Andrew Exum notes that most analysts who call for military intervention fail to specify the particulars.

Republican Senators Leading Effort To Halt Automatic Pentagon Cuts

Not surprisingly, Republicans are trying to reverse the automatic cuts to defense spending agreed to in August.

Haditha Massacre Sentence Outrageous But Correct

My latest for The Atlantic explains, “Why We Should Be Glad the Haditha Massacre Marine Got No Jail Time.”

The American Public Is Not SEAL Team Six

Last night’s State Of The Union Address contained another unfortunate example of the prevalence of militaristic rhetoric in domestic politics.

Mitt Romney’s Misleading Claims About The United States Navy

Mitt Romney is making claims about Naval readiness that are, at best, misleading.

Army Officer Promotion Rates Returning to Normal

The US Army is returning to a peacetime mindset, which means promotions will cease to be automatic for anyone willing to endure service.

Ron Paul Steps In It In South Carolina

Once again, Ron Paul showed last night why he could never win the Republican nomination.

Marines Piss on Taliban Dead: Understanding War Crimes

Understanding the outrageous.

Does America Spend More Than Next 10 Nations Combined on Defense?

A Washington Post fact check calls this “true but false.”

Obama’s Pentagon ‘Power Grab’

Michael Hastings has yet another credulous story attempting to smear the United States military.

Obama’s Defense Cuts: 1992 All Over Again

President Obama’s Pentagon is planning for an unlikely war with China rather than the small wars America will inevitably fight.

Unless You’re In The Military, The President Is Not Your Commander In Chief

Many people seem to have a rather inappropriate view of their relationship to the President of the United States.