SPC David Hickman: Last Iraq War KIA?

82nd Airborne solider David Hickman was the 4474th American serviceman killed in Iraq. He should be the last.

The War In Iraq Is Finally Over

After 3,193 days and more than 4,000 lives, the American war in Iraq is officially at an end.

Does It Really Matter That Iran Captured One Of Our Drones? Maybe Not

While unfortunate, the loss of an RQ-170 drone over Iran may not be the intelligence disaster some make it out to be.

The Final Memorial

The memory of the attack on Pearl Harbor is, inevitably, fading into history.

Rick Perry Calls for Syria No-Fly Zone

Rick Perry wants a no-fly zone in Syria to prevent ground forces from harming civilians.

With Super Committee Dead, Showdown Likely Over Defense Cuts

With the Super Committee dead, 2012 is likely to see a fight over the defense cuts set to take place starting in 2013.

Green Beret 50th Anniversary

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the green beret as the official headgear of US Army Special Forces.

Panetta Warns Of Unintended Consequences Of Striking Iran

The Secretary of Defense has some words of warning for those advocating military action against Iran.

American War Dead Dumped in Landfill

The remains of US servicemen killed in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were thrown out with the trash.

The Costs Of Attacking Iran

An attack against Iran’s nuclear weapons research facility won’t be an easy thing.

Defense and State Reining in CIA Drone War

The CIA’s drone war in Pakistan has gotten so out of hand that the Pentagon and State Department are reigning it in.

Army Ranger Killed on 14th War Deployment

SFC Kristoffer Bryan Domeij was killed in action in Afghanistan Saturday, on his fourteenth combat tour.

Supreme Court To Rule On Constitutionality Of Stolen Valor Act

The Supreme Court will have another interesting First Amendment case on its docket this Term.

Computer Virus Hits Drone Fleet

A computer virus has infected America’s fleet of Predator and Reaper drones.

Mike Flynn, ‘Fixing Intel’ Guy, Must Now Fix Intel

Mike Flynn, the 2-star who blasted military intelligence, is now the 3-star charged with fixing military intelligence.

The End Of The Draft

1 in 3 Iraq and Afghanistan Vets See Wars as Waste

One in three U.S. veterans of the post-9/11 military believes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting.

DOD Won’t Fund Promising PTSD Treatment

Anesthesiologist Eugene Lipov thinks he has found a cheap, effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Army won’t fund it.

Marcia Anderson Army’s First Black Female 2-Star General

Marcia Anderson has become the first African American woman to be promoted to a two star general in the US Army.

Gay Soldier Booed at GOP Debate

Stephen Hill, a US soldier serving in Iraq, was booed by some members of the audience at last night’s Republican debate.

US Civil War Death Toll Much Higher Than Thought

Historian J. David Hacker argues that the death toll from the US Civil War is much higher than we think.

“We’ll Fight Against America For A Thousand Years If We Have To”: The Folly Of Afghanistan

The U.S. War in Afghanistan sounds disturbingly similar to the Soviet one.

Boots on the Ground in Libya!

Four American soldiers are now on the ground in Libya. Reports have them wearing boots.

America’s License to Kill

Killing’s our business and business is good.

Peaches Petraeus

Flashback: When David Petraeus was simply known as “Peaches” & was a member of the “French Club”

U.S. Troops In Afghanistan Until 2024?

The U.S may be on the verge of committing the next decade to the future of Afghanistan.

Success In Libya Does Not Justify An Unnecessary, Improper Decision By President Obama

Success in Libya does not make the American mission any less unjustified than it was on the day President Obama announced it.