The End Of The Draft

1 in 3 Iraq and Afghanistan Vets See Wars as Waste

One in three U.S. veterans of the post-9/11 military believes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting.

DOD Won’t Fund Promising PTSD Treatment

Anesthesiologist Eugene Lipov thinks he has found a cheap, effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Army won’t fund it.

Marcia Anderson Army’s First Black Female 2-Star General

Marcia Anderson has become the first African American woman to be promoted to a two star general in the US Army.

Gay Soldier Booed at GOP Debate

Stephen Hill, a US soldier serving in Iraq, was booed by some members of the audience at last night’s Republican debate.

US Civil War Death Toll Much Higher Than Thought

Historian J. David Hacker argues that the death toll from the US Civil War is much higher than we think.

“We’ll Fight Against America For A Thousand Years If We Have To”: The Folly Of Afghanistan

The U.S. War in Afghanistan sounds disturbingly similar to the Soviet one.

Boots on the Ground in Libya!

Four American soldiers are now on the ground in Libya. Reports have them wearing boots.

America’s License to Kill

Killing’s our business and business is good.

Peaches Petraeus

Flashback: When David Petraeus was simply known as “Peaches” & was a member of the “French Club”

U.S. Troops In Afghanistan Until 2024?

The U.S may be on the verge of committing the next decade to the future of Afghanistan.

Success In Libya Does Not Justify An Unnecessary, Improper Decision By President Obama

Success in Libya does not make the American mission any less unjustified than it was on the day President Obama announced it.

US Competitive Balance

Not only is the US outspending all our allies and competitors combined in real dollars on defense, we’re doing so in terms of GDP as well.

DARPA director Regina Dugan DARPA director Regina Dugan

DARPA Invents Revolving Door That Doesn’t Revolve

DARPA has a revolving door that doesn’t revolve.

Rick Perry: We Need President Military Respects

Rick Perry declared, “One of the reasons that I’m running for president is I want to make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United States.”

Honor Fallen SEALs by Questioning Their Mission

Honoring the fallen by ensuring that the didn’t die in vain is a recipe for getting more good men killed.

Fight Brewing Over Defense Cuts

The defense spending lobby is already engaging in fear-mongering over very modest defense cuts.

31 Americans Killed After Chopper Is Shot Down In Afghanistan

A disastrous day for American troops in Afghanistan.

Honoré: Send Congress to Boot Camp

The general made famous by his leadership of the Katrina effort has some harsh words for our political leadership.

Debt Deal Reveals GOP Split On Defense Spending

The cuts to Pentagon spending in the new debt deal are further revealing a split in the GOP over foreign policy and military spending.

Air Force Cancels ‘Jesus Loves Nukes’ Training

The Air Force has suspended a course that teaches nuclear officers that Christian ethics permit them to do their job.

General John Shalikashvili Dead at 75

A legendary American soldier, General John Shalikashvili, has died.

Military Gay Ban Ending in September

The ban on gays openly serving in the military will end in September, nine months after President Obama signed the repeal into law.

Army Personal Blast Sensors

The Army is fielding tiny blast sensors to gauge the effects of explosions on individual soldiers.

New Book Criticizes Old War College

Howard Wiarda’s book on the National War College is based on his experiences from 1991 to 1996.

Afghanistan and Iraq War Casualties by Hometown

While it’s true that the South and the Heartland disproportionately contribute to our all-volunteer force, the notion that our forces are mostly Nebraska farmboys is false.