US Competitive Balance

Not only is the US outspending all our allies and competitors combined in real dollars on defense, we’re doing so in terms of GDP as well.

DARPA director Regina Dugan DARPA director Regina Dugan

DARPA Invents Revolving Door That Doesn’t Revolve

DARPA has a revolving door that doesn’t revolve.

Rick Perry: We Need President Military Respects

Rick Perry declared, “One of the reasons that I’m running for president is I want to make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United States.”

Honor Fallen SEALs by Questioning Their Mission

Honoring the fallen by ensuring that the didn’t die in vain is a recipe for getting more good men killed.

Fight Brewing Over Defense Cuts

The defense spending lobby is already engaging in fear-mongering over very modest defense cuts.

31 Americans Killed After Chopper Is Shot Down In Afghanistan

A disastrous day for American troops in Afghanistan.

Honoré: Send Congress to Boot Camp

The general made famous by his leadership of the Katrina effort has some harsh words for our political leadership.

Debt Deal Reveals GOP Split On Defense Spending

The cuts to Pentagon spending in the new debt deal are further revealing a split in the GOP over foreign policy and military spending.

Air Force Cancels ‘Jesus Loves Nukes’ Training

The Air Force has suspended a course that teaches nuclear officers that Christian ethics permit them to do their job.

General John Shalikashvili Dead at 75

A legendary American soldier, General John Shalikashvili, has died.

Military Gay Ban Ending in September

The ban on gays openly serving in the military will end in September, nine months after President Obama signed the repeal into law.

Army Personal Blast Sensors

The Army is fielding tiny blast sensors to gauge the effects of explosions on individual soldiers.

New Book Criticizes Old War College

Howard Wiarda’s book on the National War College is based on his experiences from 1991 to 1996.

Afghanistan and Iraq War Casualties by Hometown

While it’s true that the South and the Heartland disproportionately contribute to our all-volunteer force, the notion that our forces are mostly Nebraska farmboys is false.

American Boots on Ground in Somalia

Leon Panetta has been brought in to oversee significant cuts to the U.S. Defense budget. Meanwhile, we’re in six wars.

America Carrying Load in Libya While Pretending Otherwise

The US handing Libya over to NATO is “like Beyonce saying she’s ceding control to Sasha Fierce!” – Jon Stewart

Vietnam Draft Lottery Had Lasting Impact

The draft ended in 1973. It’s effects still linger today.

What Obama Could Learn From Nixon

One foreign policy analyst argues that President Obama should look to Nixon’s Vietnam withdrawal strategy for ideas on Afghanistan.

Fake Soldier Wore Uniform for Airline Upgrades

Rock Diaz likes to wear Army cammies and “Marine Corp” dog tags when he flies. The portly Long Island man has never served in the military.

Presidents, Generals, and War Decisions

Should President Obama do whatever General Petraeus wants in Afghanistan?

House Refuses To Authorize Libyan War, Then Refuses To Defund Libyan War

Congress had a chance to send a strong message to the Executive Branch today. They failed.

The Beginning Of The End Of America’s Longest War

Last night, the President basically announced that America’s longest war had entered it’s end game.

Majority Of Americans Want Troops Removed From Afghanistan ASAP

As the President prepares to announce his plans for the future in Afghanistan, a majority of Americans want the troops home now.

Republicans At A Foreign Policy Crossroads

For the first time since the end of World War II, the GOP is wrestling with two diametrically opposed visions of foreign affairs.

Opposing Dumb, Unnecessary Wars Is Not “Isolationism”

Contrary to what Senator McCain, seeking realism in military policy does not make one an isolationist.