Why Not Direct Democracy?

Would bypassing politicians altogether make the system more just?

The January 6 Hearings Didn’t Change Entrenched Opinion

Can American democracy survive its information bubbles?

Democracy and the End of Roe

This will just reinforce minority rule in the US.

The Road to Here (and the Rocky Road Ahead)

The role of American political institutions.

A Republic, not a Constitutional Monarchy

Barbados provides an illustration of a frequently misunderstood concept.

The House of “Representatives”

The erosion of representativeness continues.

Once Again to Madison and Republics

The saga continues.

Our Unrepresentative Government (Yet Again)

Yet another reminder about pathologies of US democracy.

What’s a Republic?

What meanings might the Founders have had? How should we understand the term?

The Dark Side of “It’s a Republic, not a Democracy”

I couldn’t help myself.

More on “A Republic, not a Democracy”

For a change not by me.

The “A Republic, not a Democracy” Library

A reference point for the future.

“A Republic, not a Democracy” Redux

The Strzok hearing provides a return to this timeworn favorite.

A Return to “a Republic, not a Democracy”

And a little Electoral College for good measure.

A “Republic v. Democracy” Lexicon

Concepts, basic applications, and even a bibliography! Merry Festivus, everyone.

The DREAM Act and the 60-vote Senate

The history of the DREAM Act underscores the significance of the 60-vote Senate.

Madison’s Defintion(s) of Republic

More on the whole “republic not a democracy” discussion.