Violence Continues To Rage In Cairo

Egypt entered a second day of chaos with all signs pointing to things getting worse before they get better.

Egypt Balancing Act

Egyptians Upset With U.S. Response To Crisis

The United States is facing a serious public relations problem among the Egyptian people.

Republican Congressman: We Must Stand Behind Our Friend, The Dictator Mubarak

One Republican Congressman is calling on President Obama to stand firmly behind our “friend” in Cairo, even though there’s little evidence we can trust him.

Egypt and the Limits of US Power

The US has limited influence over events in Egypt–something that recent history should underscore (although not everyone appears to understand this fact).

Supporting Democratic Aspirations of All People

The Obama administration’s slow and cautious response to Egypt’s protest was frustrating. And correct.

Spreading Democracy by Force? Of Course!

Should we spread liberal democracy by force? If necessary!

Anti-Government Protests Rock Egypt

Anti-government protests raged in Egypt for a second day, and nobody seems to know where they’re headed.

Tucson, Political Rhetoric, And Where We Go From Here

There is a problem with political rhetoric in this country, but telling people to be nicer to each other isn’t going to cool it down.

State Of The Union Seating: Phony Theatrics For Pointless Theater

Bipartisan seating at the State Of The Union is a pointless act of political theater. Then again, so is the State Of The Union Address itself.

The End Of Sarah Palin?

One columnist argues that Sarah Palin’s response to the Arizona shootings mark the end of whatever political future she might have had. He’s probably correct.

Obama Calls For Civility, Without Casting Blame

After five days of nonsense, President Obama’s address in Tucson last night struck exactly the right tone.

Sarah Palin Blasts Media For “Blood Libel” Against Her Over Arizona Shootings

Sarah Palin released a statement today about the Arizona shootings and the debate that has followed. It’s unlikely to help her.

“Heated Political Rhetoric” And The Giffords Shooting

The tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others in Arizona has started another debate about political rhetoric. It’s a stupid debate, and it’s utterly pointless.

Palin ‘Target’ Graphic in Perspective

Palin’s infamous “target” poster recycles a theme used by both parties over the years.

Antonin Scalia: The Constitution Does Not Bar Discrimination Against Women

In a new interview, Justice Antonin Scalia says that the 14th Amendment does not bar discrimination against women, whether it’s done by public or private entities. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Coburn and the Lifespan of Republics

Do republics expire after 200 years due to fiscal irresponsibility?

Obama Wants to Give America Back to Indians!

President Obama is supporting the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Is this the end of America?

The Problem that Barbour has Conjured

What the Haley Barbour situation illustrates is that we, as a country, have not fully accepted or dealt with our own past.

Afghanistan Still America’s Forgotten War

Unless you paid close attention, you probably missed most of the coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2010.

Michael Bloomberg Says He Isn’t Running For President

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he isn’t running for President, but he’s sure acting like a guy who’s at least thinking about it.

Wikileaks Media Ethics Wikileaks Media Ethics

Classified Information and Journalistic Ethics

The two English language newspapers who have been Julian Assange’s accomplices in disseminating stolen secrets defend themselves.

The Real Deficit-Reduction Math

There is a simple mathematical equation that explains why deficit reduction is so difficult.

Sarah Palin: I Am Engaged In Deliberations About Running For President

Yet another sign that the GOP’s biggest nightmare may actually end up coming true.

Murkowski Continues To Lead In Write-In Count, Miller Camp Grows More Desperate

As the counting of write-in ballots in Alaska continues to go in Lisa Murkowski’s favor, the Miller campaign is getting more desperate in its ballot challenges.

A Comparative Fact Regarding the Death Penalty that Gives One Pause

Of the five countries that use the death penalty the most, only one is a democracy.

Jim Webb: The Last Of The Reagan Democrats

Virginia Senator Jim Webb is the last of a dying breed of Democrats, but his party may need him if it wants to remain competitive anywhere outside of a Blue State.

Democracy At Its Best

A Chicago voter is less than thrilled with the political slate for which he’s voting today.

Young Voters Feel Abandoned By Obama

The younger voters that flocked to Barack Obama two years ago feel let down. They need to grow up.

Bad Day at the Think Tank

The Onion spoofs life at a think tank with Boy, I Really Thought Like Shit Today.”

Jonah Goldberg: Why Isn’t Julian Assange Dead?

Jonah Goldberg has written a bad column. In this case, an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune headlined “Why is Assange still alive?”

An Observation on the State of the Debate over Fiscal Policy

Instead of decades-old retreads like talking about abolishing the Department of Education, it would be nice if we had a real debate about the fiscal circumstances in the country.

More on Miller’s Bodyguards and the Press (Video)

Salon has video of the aftermath of the Hopfinger handcuffing. Plus: if we remove the partisan labels and just assess what happened, would we view this situation differently?

Dismiss The Tea Party At Your Peril

“Those who doubt that the failings of higher education in America have political consequences need only reflect on the quality of progressive commentary on the tea party movement.”

Russia and Venezuela Sign Energy Deal

Venezuela have reached a series of agreement on energy. Should the US be concerned?


Jim Treacher has coined a new term, Oprahturfing, to describe wealthy celebrities funding attendance at political rallies. While clever, the concept of “Astroturfing” is being misused by both sides.

Former Car Czar Hates Democracy

Former car czar Steve Rattner sat down with Ezra Klein to whine about how the American people and its Congress wouldn’t just turn over the whole economy to unelected experts such as himself.

Chinese Dissident Dedicates Nobel Peace Prize To Tianamen Square Victims

Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo has dedicated his Nobel Peace Prize to the victims of the June 1989 massacre in Tianamen Square. Proving again that the events of that day still live on in the memory of many Chinese people.

Citizens United, More Myth Than Legend

Citizens United really wasn’t that big a deal.

Obama Charges Foreign Influence Supporting Republicans

President Obama and the Democrats are charging the Chamber of Commerce of funneling foreign money into ads for Republicans. It’s a desperate move unlikely to work.

Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Jailed Chinese Dissident

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo has won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. He probably doesn’t know it, though, because he’s currently sitting in a Chinese prison.