New York’s Sloppy Vote Counting

The combination of incompetence and a new system have the mayoral race in turmoil.

Democrats Increasingly Frustrated with Congress

It turns out a 51-50 Senate majority isn’t enough.

Sinema’s Filibuster Defense

It’s no better than Joe Manchin’s.

Book Review: Kill Switch

Discussing the filibuster.

The Ivies=NK?

Or, you know, not.

Some CRT Theory/Politics of Race Thoughts

You know, some light weekend thoughts.

Chris Wallace Grills Joe Manchin

The piling on continues.

Senator Joe Manchin Is A Stupid Ape

We’re all apes. And some are willfully stupid about their public duties.

Manchin Opposes Democracy

Or, at least, he’s willing to kill democracy in order to save it.

Sinema’s Misunderstanding of the Senate (and of Basic Politics)

The post really isn’t about Sinema as much as it about a theory of poltiics.

Start the Steal?

Cries that American democracy is in jeopardy are not hyperbole.

Who’s to Blame for the War Dead?

The answer seems simple but it isn’t.

Texas Democrats Deny Quorum, Delay Elections Bill

A special session looms. (And how this is not like the filibuster in the US Senate).


A damning number.

My Two Cents on a 1/6 Commission

We need what we aren’t going to get.

Bipartisan Commission Dies From Lack of Bipartisanship

The country is in peril.

Wuhan Lab Leak Moves from Hoax to Theory

The fact-checkers blew this one and blew it big.

Infrastructure Negotiations Stall

A bipartisan compromise appears unlikely.

Once Again to Madison and Republics

The saga continues.

Hamilton on Super-Majorities

Looking to Federalist 22.

Counterpoint: The 6 January Commission and the Filibuster

I think this underscores the problem with the 60-vote requirement.

The Importance of Time Horizons in Politics

And general considerations on mid-term elections.

The GOP: Not a Civil War, Not a Purge

The GOP is actually pretty healthy at the moment, despite some public rhetoric to the contrary.

Liz Cheney and the GOP

A quick lesson about American parties.

The Arizona Audit

The latest front on the war on truth.

More on Social Policy and Comparisons

Mostly about how not to do it.

The Big Lie Has Become a Litmus Test

Republicans who admit Joe Biden won the election fair and square are being driven from the party.

Social Policy and Freedom

Increases in social benefits can increase freedom.

Competitive Pressures and Party Behavior

Assessing Republican strategic positioning (and the incentives in our system).

Voter Suppression in Texas

Let’s call it what it is.

DC Statehood and Power Politics

More voice, more votes, more representation.

President Joe Biden takes notes doing a G7 Leaders’ Virtual Meeting Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, in the White House Situation Room. President Joe Biden takes notes doing a G7 Leaders’ Virtual Meeting Friday, Feb. 19, 2021, in the White House Situation Room.

Biden Declares Armenian Genocide a Genocide

The President has overturned decades of US foreign policy and alienated a NATO ally for, well, reasons.

Weak Parties and the CA Recall

With an appearance by Caitlyn Jenner’s choice of party.

The Non-Competitive House

A recent report shows 78 of 435 seats in the US House are truly competitive.

Evacuating the Afghans

President Biden has a second chance to do the right thing.

Peru to the Polls

A problematically wide-open election in difficult times.

Traffic Stops and Drawn Guns

We need to rethink traffic stops.

Biden to Name Commission on Court Expansion

Fulfilling a campaign promise and keeping the discussion alive.

Arguing Against Democracy

National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson advocates for less democracy in America.

Joe Manchin’s Weird Filibuster Defense

It doesn’t work like the movies, Senator.

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is McConnell

Another entry in the “stunning, but not surprising” category of political observations.

One More about GA’s SB202

And, really, all of this current wave of election legislation.

New York Times Style Change?

A subtle but odd change in house style for the Paper of Record

Corporate Politics in Georgia

The GA GOP is butting heads with corporations over HB202

G. Gordon Liddy, 1930-2021

The Watergate conspirator, author, and talk show host was 90.

Some Thoughts on Representation

How well do single-seat districts lead to representation? (And of what?)

Most January 6 Rioters Won’t Go to Jail

Judges are pressuring prosecutors to strike deals, most of which will be for misdemeanors.

The Rhetorical Framing of HR1

A truly silly characterization from Senator Mike Lee.

More on GA’s SB202

Georgia Public Broadcasting provides a useful list of provisions.