Yes, Americans Care About Soccer Now

My latest for The Hill, “America Comes to Soccer,” has posted.

Sending Europe Mixed Messages

My latest for The National Interest, “Europe’s Free Ride on the American-Defense Gravy Train,” has posted.

Law Enforcement or War? Both!

My latest collaboration with Butch Bracknell, “Ahmed Abu Khattala and the Miranda-Rights Question,” has posted in The National Interest.

Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogging

As the medium matures, something important is being lost.

Viewing the Sinclair Sexual Assault Case Dispassionately

My latest for The Hill, co-authored with Butch Bracknell: “Explaining the Sinclair demotion.”

It’s Still Ad Hominem If They’re Neocons

My latest for The National Interest, “Neoconservatives, the Iraq Debate and Ad Hominem Attacks,” has posted.

VA’s Lake Wobegon Syndrome Isn’t Unusual

My latest for The Hill, “Why all VA executives are above average,” has posted.

Fixing Military Sexual Assault the Right Way

Retired Marine lawyer Butch Bracknell and I tackle the subject for The Hill.

Obama Should Own Bergdahl Decision

My latest for War on the Rocks, “HAGEL: CLIMBING OUT FROM UNDER THE BUS,” has posted.

What Bowe Bergdahl Deserves

Not every soldier is a hero. Not even every POW.

Overselling the Stakes in Crimea

My first piece for The Hill, “Crimea is not Armageddon,” posted this morning.

Pentagon Defies Congress with Budget Request

Poking the eye of the institution that passes your budget is a bold choice.

Soldiers and Priests: A Contrast in Professional Ethics

My latest for The National Interest, “The U.S. Military’s Ethics Crisis,” has posted.

Medal Fatigue

The US military needs to cull and standardize its bloated award system.

Military Benefits vs Military Readiness

Without hard choices on pay and benefits, the Pentagon will have to make big cuts in readiness.

Review: Bacevich’s Breach of Trust

My review of Andrew Bacevich’s latest book, Breach of Trust: How Americans Failed Their Soldiers and Their Country.

The Shutdown and the Damage Done

My latest for The National Interest, “The Military and the Shutdown: Assessing the Damage,” is out.

Army Cracks Down on Tattoos

My latest for Defense One, “The Army’s Misguided Crackdown on Tattoos,” has posted.

Syria and Civil-Military Relations

My latest for The Atlantic, “It Isn’t the Military’s Place to Weigh In on the Syria Debate,” has posted.

Obama’s Syria Plan As Confused As Ever

President Obama’s plans in Syria are as unclear as they were before he spoke last night.

DoD Needs Real Strategic Review

“No More Baby Steps,” my first piece for Defense News, has posted.

Obama’s Confused Syria Strategy

Humanitarian wars have their own grammar but not their own logic.

Joyner and Foust on Manning and Other Stuff

Joshua Foust and I discuss Chelsea Manning and other issues for BloggingHeadsTV.

Three Hops and You’re Out

Think of it as the spy version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Can Senators Handle The Truth on Syria?

Senators John McCain and Carl Levin have demanded answers from General Martin Dempsey on Syria. Can they handle the truth?

The Apathy Inherent in the System

My latest for The Atlantic, “Why Should Congress and the Courts Care About Snooping If Citizens Don’t?” has posted.

Who Should Decide What’s Secret?

While our leaders may not be fully trustworthy, they, not disgruntled low level employees, are best positioned to decide.

Why NATO Isn’t Going to Fight in Syria

Syria isn’t Libya.

Kenneth Waltz’ Legacy

My latest for The National Interest, “Kenneth Waltz’s Crucial Logic,” has posted.

Never Again (Except This Time)

My latest for The National Interest, “Never Again, Except This Time,” has posted.

Why Terrorism Gets More Attention Than Gun Violence

My latest for The National Interest, “Why Terrorists Are Worse Than Guns,” has posted.

Paul Wolfowitz: Smart Idiot

My latest for The National Interest, “It’s Not Too Soon to Tell,” has posted.

Hagel Hearing Farce

My latest for The National Interest, “Ignoring the Hagel Hearing Farce,” has posted.

Obama Revives The Reagan Doctrine

My latest for The National Interest, “Obama Doctrine, Reagan Doctrine,” is out.

Republican Foreign Policy in Name Only

Republican opposition to defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel reveals just how far the party’s thinking has drifted on foreign policy.

Drone Strike on Democracy

My first piece for the New York Daily News, “A Drone Strike on Democracy,” has posted.

The Future of Conservative Foreign Policy

The Republican Party needs a new message on foreign policy that is true to the conservative principles of the base and yet has a broad appeal to the American public.

NATO Deserved Nobel More Than EU

My latest for The National Interest, “Why NATO Should Have Won the Nobel,” is out.

Drone War Discussion Absent from Campaign

My latest for The New Republic, “America’s Scandalous Drone War Goes Unmentioned in the Campaign,” is out.

Romney’s Foreign Policy

My latest for The Atlantic, “What Would Romney’s Foreign Policy Look Like?” has posted.

Freedom of Speech and Religion Collide

My latest for The National Interest, “Freedom of Speech and Religion in Egypt and Libya,” has posted.

Why Congress Won’t Stop the Drone War

My latest for World Policy Review, “Oversight or Not, Drones Are Here to Stay,” has posted.

Don’t Try to Have It All: Just Live With Your Choices

My latest for The Atlantic continues the debate over work-life balance spawned by Anne-Marie Slaughter’s cover story “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All.”

NATO Condemns Syria; It’ll End There

My latest for The National Interest, “Ankara Puts NATO on Speed Dial,” has been posted.

Avoiding NATO Summit Disaster

My first piece for the Christian Science Monitor, co-authored with my Atlantic Council collegue Barry Pavel, has been posted.

Insurmountable Obstacles in Afghanistan

My latest for The National Interest,Insurmountable Obstacles in Afghanistan, has been posted.