The House GOP’s Immigration Principles: A Good Start, But Can They Get Past The Tea Party?

The House GOP leadership’s principles are a good start, but it’s unclear if they can make it past the anti “amnesty” crowd that seems to dominate the GOP.

Child Of Illegal Immigrants Allowed To Become A Lawyer, May Not Be Allowed To Work

An excellent argument for immigration reform can be found in the case of one Californian named Sergio Garcia.

Boehner Ready To Back Immigration Reform?

Has Speaker Boehner breathed new life into immigration reform in the House? Maybe.

Chris Christie Enters The Immigration Debate, And The Tea Party Won’t Like What He Did

Once again, Chris Christie seems to be directly challenging the right wing of his party.

GOP Out Of Step With Nation On ‘Pathway To Citizenship’ For Illegal Immigrants

Republican hardliners are pushing a position on immigration that is completely out of sync with the nation as a whole.

Immigration Reform Returning From The Dead?

Could Congress actually pass some form of immigration reform before the midterms? Don’t bet on it just yet.

Yes, Immigration Reform Is Dead, Probably Until 2015 At The Earliest

The prospect of Congressional action on immigration before the midterms just got a whole lot less likely.

Obama, Democrats To Push Immigration Reform Next?

Immigration reform may be the next big battle on Capitol Hill, but it’s going to be far different from the one that just concluded.

The Self-Made Nature of the US’ Immigration Problem

Unfortunately, our immigration debate is just plain dumb.

Definitions of Success Matter in Policy Debates

Thoughts on the immigration debate.

“Border Security” And GOP Political Pandering

There are many fallacies contained within the GOP’s insistence that immigration reform must begin and end with “border security.”

Republican Political Suicide Over Immigration Reform

David Brooks warns that failing to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill “could be a tragedy for the country and political suicide for Republicans.”

House GOP Rejects Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Likely Killing Any Reform

The latest House GOP pronouncements on immigration reform make it exceedingly unlikely that any bill will pass this year.

Tea Party Apparently Now Considers Stopping Immigration Reform Most Important Issue

Forget about the budget deficit and spending. The Tea Party apparently now considers stopping immigration reform to be its most important task.

Immigration Reform Bill Passes Senate, Faces Bleak Future In House

The Senate passed an immigration reform bill today, but it’s not going to go anywhere.

The Right Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Reform

Marco Rubio has suffered a reversal of fortune among Republicans thanks to his role in the immigration reform debate.

Farm Bill Failure Shows House GOP Leadership Doesn’t Really Control The House GOP Caucus

It looks for all the world as if the House GOP Caucus isn’t really under the control of the leadership.

Border Security, Or Just Immigration Reform Obstructionism?

Opponents of immigration reform are using “border security” as a shield to hide their true desire to kill the very idea of immigration reform.

CBO Report Cites Economic Benefits Of Immigration Reform

A new Congressional Budget Office report finds real economic benefits from immigration reform.

Republican Political Calculations On Immigration Reform: Complicated, And Contradictory

There are risks to Republicans in blocking immigration reform, but there are also incentives for them to block immigration reform. Getting past that contradiction to passage isn’t going to be easy.

John Boehner’s Narrow Path To Immigration Reform

John Boehner clearly wants to see an immigration bill passed this year, but he has a very narrow path to victory.

Republicans Haven’t Learned The Lessons Of 2012

The GOP seems to be making the same mistakes that led to defeat in 2012.

Speaker Boehner: We’ll Have Immigration Reform This Year

Speaker Boehner seems confident that immigration reform will become law this year, but his confidence may be premature.

Is Marco Rubio Trying To Kill Immigration Reform? No, Not Really

Marco Rubio is threatening to withdraw support for the immigration plan he helped draft, but I would suggest not reading too much into that threat.

Federal Judge Finds That Sheriff Joe Arpaio Violated Rights Of Latino Suspects

The man some of called America’s toughest Sheriff has been dealt a setback by a Federal Judge.

Cocaine and Geopolitics

Some info from the World Drug Report

The Attack In Boston Is Not Relevant To The Immigration Debate

Opponents of immigration reform are deceptively attempting to use the bombing attack in Boston to derail immigration reform.

Rand Paul: Delay Immigration Reform Because Of Boston Attacks

Another Senator wants to delay immigration reform because of the attacks in Boston.