Transgender Soldiers Next Barrier

Last month, a retired Navy SEAL came out as transgender. Those still in uniform, however, must serve in silence.

Texas Senate Passes Abortion Bill

Texas has become the latest state to attempt to restrict abortion rights, and North Carolina isn’t far behind.

Legal Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage Moves To The States

The marriage equality battle is entering its next phase.

Texas Abortion Bill Back Before The Legislature, And It Will Pass This Time

The Texas Legislature is putting up its controversial abortion bill again, but don’t expect things do end the way they did last week.

9th Circuit Lifts Stay, Same-Sex Marriages Resume In California

Faster than many expected, same-sex marriage became the law again in California late yesterday.

What The Proposition 8 Ruling Means For California And The Country

The Court may have “punted” the Proposition 8 ruling, but it is likely to have a wide-ranging impact both in California and nationwide.

SECDEF Hagel on DOMA Ruling

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has wasted no time issuing a full-throated statement endorsing today’s DOMA ruling

Supreme Court Declares Gays a Protected Class

The 5-4 ruling was much more sweeping than needed to strike down DOMA.

Transgender 1st Grader Can Use Girls’ Bathroom

A Colorado 6-year-old with a penis has successfully sued for the right to use the girls’ restroom.

Prince Harry Saved Gay Soldier From Beating

Then-Lieutenant Wales intervened to prevent a gay trooper from getting beaten by a gang of thugs.

Women Like Good Looking, Naked Men Says Science

Ronnie Koenig reveals “What Being Editor in Chief of Playgirl Taught Me About Female Desire.”

Joint Chiefs Want to Keep Sexual Assault Prosecution Authority

If there’s one thing that our generals and admirals agree on it’s that generals and admirals should retain their power.

Kristin Beck, formerly Chris, penned her story of going from an elite Navy SEAL to a woman in the book "Warrior Princess." Kristin Beck, formerly Chris, penned her story of going from an elite Navy SEAL to a woman in the book "Warrior Princess."

Navy SEAL Comes Out as Transgender

Chris Beck spent 20 years as a Navy SEAL. Kristen Beck has written a book about her experiences.

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Of Ruling Against Effort To Block Planned Parenthood Funding

The Supreme Court declined to accept an appeal of a case in which Indiana’s effort to defund Planned Parenthood had been blocked by a Federal Court.

Christine Fox, ‘Top Gun,’ and the Casual Sexism of 1985

Christine Fox, the real-life inspiration for Charlie of “Top Gun,” and the casual sexism of 1985.

Four Sisters Age Before Your Eyes

In a fascinating project, four sisters are photographed each year from 1976 to 2010.

Brittney Griner is Gay and No One Cares

Prominent female athletes have been able to be openly gay for decades. Why can’t their male counterparts?

Transgender Individidual Arrested For Exposing Breasts Jailed With Men

If you expose your breasts in rural Georgia but have a penis, jailers are liable to think you’re a dude and make fun of you.

Who’s America’s Best Looking Attorney General?

President Obama says Kamala Harris is “by far the best-looking attorney general in the country.”

Lech Walesa: Gays Have No Right to Govern

The anti-communist icon is once again in hot water for making idiotic comments.

Why Gay Marriage Can’t Be Left to States

Separate, it turns out, is not equal.

AP Stylebook Declares Husband, Wife Gender Neutral

The Associated Press’ clear guidelines are unclear.

Do We Need Affirmative Action for Boys?

Christina Hoff Summers argues that America needs to fix the way we educate boys.

DIA Briefing Encourages Women to Wear Makeup and Skirts

The “I” in DIA apparently does not stand for Intelligence.

Boy Scouts Rethinking Gay Exclusion

The Boy Scouts is strongly reconsidering its ban on gays.

Military Family Divided By Women’s Role

Greg Jaffe has an outstanding feature titled “In one Army family, women in combat evokes two different perspectives.”

Pentagon Opens All Combat Roles to Women

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta ordered a lifting of the ban on women in ground combat.

40 Years Later, Roe v. Wade Enjoys Majority Support

40 years after Roe v. Wade, support for the decision is still strong, but the effort to restrict it continues apace.

40 Years Later, Majority Opposes Overturning Roe v. Wade

40 years later, the public continues to support the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade.

Jodie Foster Comes Out, Surprising Only John Hinckley

In news you’ve known for years, Jodie Foster has announced that she’s a lesbian.

Obama Hit For Lack Of Diversity In Reshuffled Cabinet

President Obama is taking some heat over the fact that his Second Term cabinet selections have been very white and very male.

Firing Workers For Being Too Sexy Approved By Iowa Supreme Court

In Iowa, women can be fired for being too sexy.

Transgender Woman Plays College Basketball to Little Controversy

Gabrielle Ludwig played college basketball as a man 25 years ago; now, she’s playing as a woman.

DOMA, Double Standards, and the Military

Couples of the same sex can marry at the West Point chapel, they’re treated much differently under the Defense of Marriage Act.

Supreme Court To Hear Appeals In Two Same-Sex Marriage Cases

The issue of same-sex marriage will be before the Supreme Court early next year.

Air Force Cracks Down On Objectification

The Air Force has a leadership crisis.