West Point Chapel Hosts Lesbian Wedding

One of West Point’s first female graduates has married her long-time girlfriend at the Cadet Chapel.

Supreme Court May Decide To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases This Week

Possibly a big week for the Supreme Court.

Another Republican Demographic Problem: The Gay Vote

Republican opposition to same-sex marriage is costing it yet another demographic group.

Republicans Need To Understand What Went Wrong If They Want To Win Again

Republicans are trying to figure out what went wrong. Will they learn the right lessons from their loss?

Same-Sex Marriage Wins At The Ballot Box

Voters in four states endorsed marriage equality yesterday.

Gender Gap: Gone Yet at Record High

A recent poll has Obama and Romney tied among women. Another gives Obama a 33 point edge.

No Whining On Team Hillary

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have much sympathy for her former aide’s inability to “have it all.”

Another Federal Court Of Appeals Strikes Down DOMA’s Section Three

Another loss in the Federal Courts for the Defense Of Marriage Act.

Shannon Eastin First Female NFL Ref

Shannon Eastin has become the first woman to officiate an NFL game, thanks to the lockout of the regular referees.

Three States Challenge DOMA on Estate Taxes

The Defense of Marriage Act is under challenge through a unique angle: estate taxes.

George Takei Wonders What Happened To The Republicans Who Are Against Big Government

Hey GOP, Lt. Sulu has some questions for you.

Ann Romney’s Opinions About Birth Control Are Irrelevant To This Election

Ann Romney dodged questions from a reporter seeking her personal opinions on hot-button social issues. Good for her.

George Takei Lived to See The Day

“Growing up in California, it was illegal for Asians to marry whites. How times have changed. I married a white DUDE.”

What The Heck Is Wrong With The Republican Party?

As its convention begins, one has to wonder what has happened to the Republican Party.

Obama Winning Even Though He Has Daughters

National Review’s Keith Williamson can’t fathom why Alpha Male Mitt Romney is having so much trouble beating Girly Man Barack Obama.

The GOP Platform’s Abortion Plank Could’ve Been Written By Todd Akin

The GOP Platform will include an abortion plank that Todd Akin would love.

Chuck Schumer: Senator Cupid?

While Republicans talk about family values, Chuck Schumer is busy promoting them one staffer at a time.

US Women Win More Olympic Medals Than All But Three Countries

How dominant were America’s women in the London Olympics? They’d have come in fourth place in the medal count in the US sent separate men’s and women’s teams.

Civil Rights Group Alleges Discrimination By Chick-Fil-A Because Of Dan Cathy’s Opinion

The latest round of the Chick-fil-A controversy is perhaps the most absurd yet.

Tammy Smith: America’s First Openly Gay General

Tammy Smith has been promoted to brigadier general, thus becoming the first American general officer who also happens to be openly gay.

Romney, Other Top Republicans, Mostly Silent On Same-Sex Marriage

Mitt Romney and other top Republicans are not taking part in the latest round of the culture war debate over same-sex marriage, for good reason.

Cover Girl Model Wins Olympic Boxing Match

Cover Girl model Marlen Esparza was the first American woman to win an Olympic boxing match.

What If Every Olympic Sport Was Photographed Like Women’s Beach Volleyball

Nate Jones asks, “What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?”

Olympic Sexism

While women are more visible at the 2012 Olympics than any past games, there are still cries of “sexism.”

Are Opponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Bigots?

The fact that someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re evil

Anonymous Commenters Question Sally Ride’s Courage

One would think that people who have decided that commenting on a political blog under their own name isn’t worth the risk of blowback would feel a certain sympathy for a scientist-astronaut who values her privacy deciding not to tell the world she was gay.

Sally Ride the ‘Absent Heroine’?

Andrew Sullivan believes Sally Ride “had a chance to expand people’s horizons and young lesbians’ hope and self-esteem, and she chose not to.”

Sally Ride ‘Comes Out’ in Obituary

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, died yesterday aged 61. Her obituary revealed that she was gay.

Military Lets Troops Wear Uniforms for Gay Pride Parade

In a stunning reversal of policy, DOD is allowing soldiers to march in a gay pride parade in uniform.

Anderson Cooper Is Gay, Almost Nobody Cares, And That’s A Good Thing

We’ve reached the point where public figures coming out of the closet is barely news anymore, and that’s a good thing.

Men Can’t Have it All, Either

I’ve joined The Atlantic’s debate over a thought-provoking cover story by Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Mary Cheney Gay Marries (And No One Cares)

Mary Cheney has married longtime partner Heather Poe.

Where Are The Women?

What hath a fury greater than a woman scorned? Hundreds of scorned women with Twitter accounts.

Janet Wolfenbarger, Air Force’s First Female Four Star, Takes Material Command

In March, Janet Wolfenbarger became the first female four-star general in Air Force history. Now, she’s assumed command of all Air Force weapons programs.