Manchin-Toomey Background Checks Bill In Trouble

The prospects for gun control appear to be dimming.

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Pivotal 2nd Amendment Case

The Supreme Court has ducked an opportunity to expand the holdings in D.C. v. Heller

Mental Illness, The Law, And Individual Rights

Are we heading toward an era where a diagnosis of mental illness becomes an instrument for state oppression?

Mental Illness, Gun Rights, And Medical Privacy

Keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people while protecting individual liberty isn’t easy.

The Background Check Deal: Grandstanding Or Good Idea?

The Manchin/Toomey proposal on background checks isn’t perfect, but it isn’t horrible either.

The Odd Politics Of The GOP’s Gun Control Filibuster

The GOP’s decision to filibuster the Senate Gun Control Bill doesn’t make a lot of political sense.

Political Momentum For Gun Control Measures Appears To Be Stalling

The post-Newtown momentum for gun control has slowed significantly.

Guns and Self-Protection

Some musing on guns: who uses them, how, and why.

Fox News Calls NRA Claim ‘Ridiculous’

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace called a controversial NRA claim “ridiculous.”

Bill Clinton Warns Democrats Against Overreaching On Gun Debate

Bill Clinton has a warning for his fellow Democrats.

Guns and Tribalism

Josh Marshall explains what it’s like to be a non-gun person in a very pro-gun culture.

“Universal Background Checks” Likely Unenforceable

President Obama’s idea of “universal background checks” isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds.

Obama’s Gun Control Plan DOA In Congress?

Despite the push it’s likely to receive, most of President Obama’s gun control proposals will barely even see the light of day in Congress.

NRA ‘Target Practice’ Game Not NRA’s (Or, Maybe it Is)

It turns out, the NRA behind the game is not the National Rifle Association.

The Politics Of Gun Control

Based on the polls, the odds of some changes to America’s gun control laws will become law. It’s unlikely they’ll accomplish anything, though.

David Gregory Won’t Be Prosecuted for Technical Violation of DC Gun Law

David Gregory committed a technical violation of DC’s gun law to make a point on a national news show. Conservative gun control opponents are angry.

Gun Control Proponents Are About To Face Political Reality

The ultimate impact of the Newtown tragedy on the nation’s gun laws is likely to be very limited.

Taxing Ammunition

Taxing Ammunition Should Be Considered to Reduce Gun Violence

Liability Insurance for Guns

Would Liability Insurance Help Minimize Threats to Public Safety?

D.C. Police Investigating NBC’s David Gregory On Violation Of Gun Laws

Did NBC’s David Gregory violate D.C. law on Sunday?

Right of the People

Sharing some thoughts and soliciting feedback on what the 2nd amendment means.

War on Murder or War on Drugs: Pick One

Stony Brook finance prof Noah Smith writes, “The Single Best Anti-Gun-Death Policy? Ending the Drug War.”