The N.R.A.’s Bizarre Response To The Sandy Hook Shootings

The NRA’s response to the Sandy Hook shootings was bizarre to say the least.

Tapper Asks Where Obama’s Been on Guns

On rare instances in Washington, reporters do their job and ask tough questions of political leaders. Rarer still, the leaders give good answers.

Is The Gun Debate Over?

Conor Friedersdorf contends “The U.S. Already Had a Conversation About Guns—and the Pro Side Won.”

Are Mass Shootings Really On The Rise?

Obsessive media coverage makes us believe mass shootings are far more common than they actually are.

Meaningful Action To Prevent More Tragedies Like This

Will the massacre of twenty children in a Connecticut elementary school mark a turning point in America’s gun culture? Don’t count on it.

Alabama Hospital Shooting Leaves Three Wounded, Shooter Dead

Another day, another shooting spree in America.

The Empire State Building Shooting And The Appropriate Use Of Force

The fact that yesterday’s shooting at the Empire State Building resulted in nine civilians being injured by police bullets raises several questions.

Family Research Center Shooter Charged, Tony Perkins Blames FRC Critics

Entirely unsurprisingly, the shooting at the Family Research Center’s office in Washington, D.C. is already being politicized.

Shooter Opens Fire At Family Research Council D.C. Offices

A gunman, possibly upset about FRC’s policies, shot a guard at the conservative Christian group’s Washington, D.C. offices this morning.

Fast & Furious Update: Federal Funds Used To Purchase Weapons Sold To Drug Gangs

The latest revelations about Operation Fast And Furious raise more questions than they answer.

Gabby Giffords District Republicans Raffle a Glock!

Raw Story tweeted “Republicans in Rep. Giffords’ district plan to raffle off the same type of gun Jared Loughner used. ” This links to their own story demonstrating that they’re doing no such thing.

Switch From Cable to Satellite – Get a Free Gun

Customers at a Radio Shack in Montana have an opportunity to get a free gun if they switch to Dish Network.

Gun Rights and Crazy People

We have laws preventing the sales of gun to crazy people. We’re not enforcing them very well.

Gun Control and the Tuscon Shooting

Should we limit the number of rounds guns can hold in order to minimize shooting sprees?

Obama’s Gun Record

Female Gun Market?

Jumping the Gun

Virginia Gun Laws