Joe Manchin and the Art of Legislating

How the West Virginia Democrat came to vote for the stimulus bill.

On Coups, Insurrections, and Security Theater

Reflections on the events of 6 January two months later.

Our Unrepresentative Government (Yet Again)

Yet another reminder about pathologies of US democracy.

How Powerful is Kamala Harris?

Could the Vice President end the filibuster herself?

Romney’s Child Welfare Plan

An opportunity for unity and a restoration of normal order.

Partisan Control in the Congress

Some political history,

Marjorie Taylor Greene Stripped of Committee Assignments

House Democrats have done what their Republican colleagues refused to do.

Republican Leadership Face Tests with Cheney and Greene

Mitch McConnell is testing out his spine again.

The Filibuster Needs to Go

It is not a tool to foster compromise. It is tool of obstruction, plain and simple.

Biden Wants ‘Aliens’ to be ‘Noncitizens’

A change to the language is being proposed as part of a sweeping immigration overhaul.

Pelosi and Schumer: 25th or Impeachment

And here we go.

Congress Certifies Biden Win

It’s finally officially official.


A startling number than may understate the problem.

Republican Election Subversion Coming to Bitter End

They’re actually going to go through with it.

McConnell Congratulates Biden and Harris

Our long national farce is over.

(Many?)(Most?) Republicans Acknowledge Biden WIn

Too little, too late.

Dianne Feinstein’s Declining Mental Health

A sad and disturbing report from a reliable source.

Gen. Lloyd Austin Biden’s SecDef Pick

Not another general.

Feinstein Stepping Down

The 87-year-old former San Francisco mayor isn’t woke enough.

Virus Politics

The virus is real and infections and exposures have consequences.

No Congressmen in Biden Cabinet?

Competing priorities.

House Democrats and Dashed Expectations

Who’s to blame for the Blue Wave not materializing?

Weird Fundraising Appeals

A FiveThirtyEight-inspired message from the Democrats doesn’t compute.

Judiciary Approves Barrett Despite Democratic Boycott

Chuck Schumer and company sent a signal to their base against a fait accompli.

SCOTUS Kills Trump Emoluments Suit

The Emoluments Clause is essentially unenforceable.

Supreme Court Reform Bill

An interesting but unlikely-to-pass bill is about to be introduced.

Who’ll Control the Senate?

Forecasters give Democrats better than even odds of a majority.

DNI Refusing to Brief Congress on Election Security

Yet more flouting of the rule of law by the Trump administration.

Democrats Likely to Retake Senate

A hundred days out, a wave election is the best bet.

John Lewis Dead at 80

A civil rights legend has passed.

Why Republicans like the Filibuster

It creates a veto gate that they are almost guaranteed to control when they need it.

The Filibuster is Going Away

The writing is on the wall for simple-majority voting in the Senate.

QAnon and Congress

The GA14 House race.

White Supremacist Steve King Ousted in GOP Primary

Iowa Republicans have had enough of being represented by a racist buffoon.

DOJ Closes Senate Insider Trading Probes, Still Investigating Burr

Likely the right outcome but I wish I political motivation weren’t the default presumption.

Coronavirus Rescue Plan in Limbo

We may be in a national crisis but it’s still politics as usual in Washington.

Rand Paul Tests Positive for COVID-19

The man is a moron.

Virus Hits Congress

Two members of the House have tested positive.

Senate Republicans Think Trump Guilty, Shouldn’t Be Removed

A binary choice will produce a worse outcome than necessary.

Our Constitutional Crisis

To defang impeachment is an invitation for presidents to ignore the rule of law.

Virginia Putting ERA over the Top?

The Commonwealth is about to become the 38th State to ratify the Nixon-era Amendment.

Mike Pompeo Decides Against Running For Senate

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has decided against running for Senator Kansas, decision that could force the GOP to defend an otherwise safe seat.

Bolton Now Says He’d Be Willing To Testify

After months of delays, Trump’s former National Security Adviser John Bolton is now saying he’d be willing to testify if he were subpoeanaed.

Civil Rights Icon Rep. John Lewis Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Worrisome news for an American icon.

The Political Impact Of Impeachment

The truth is that many voters are paying attention to issues that have nothing to do with impeachment or simply ignoring politics altogether.

Judiciary Committee Hints It Could Move To Impeach Trump Again On Additional Grounds

In a new court filing, House Democrats hint they might move to impeach the President again if the evidence warrants such action.

Impeachment Impasse Could Last Weeks

It could take weeks to resolve the impasse between the House and Senate over the procedures to be followed in the Senate trial of President Trump.

Top Hawaii Democrat Calls On Tulsi Gabbard To Resign

Tulsi Gabbard is under fire back home for her vote on impeachment and for missing votes on the House floor.

New Jersey Congressman Makes Party Switch Official

New Jersey Congressman Jeff van Drew, elected just last year as a Democrat, is now a Republican.