North Korea Threatens “Special Actions” Against The South

Another round of threats from North Korea.

American Troops Posed With Taliban Corpses

The consequences of ten years of war?

China Will Continue Buying Iranian Oil

There’s a big hole in the latest sanctions against Iran.

Two Asias

“Asian” has an entirely different connotation in the UK than it does in the US.

American Soldier Kills At Least 15 Afghan Civilians

A tragic incident in Afghanistan that’s likely to have tragic consequences.

Afghan Protests Prove, It’s Time For Us To Leave

The latest round of protests in Afghanistan prove yet again that it’s time for us to leave.

China Is Not A Model For America, Or The World

China’s government may be more “efficient,” but it’s hardly a model for the rest of the world.

Get Serious

Is the United States a serious country? Should we be?

Whitewashing Evil

The capacity of some people to look the other way in the face of evil is astounding.

Wukan Protests End

The Death Of Kim Jong-il: Intelligence Failures And What Comes Next

How can we know what happens next in North Korea when we didn’t even know Kim Jong-il had died?

North Korea’s Kim Jong-il Dead At 69

Big news from North Korea.

Wukan Revolt Continues

China’s Ghost Cities

FTAs Pass

After a lengthy wait, free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea have been approved by Congress.