French Government Phasing Out “Mademoiselle”

France is moving into the 1970s, phasing out titles which distinguish between married and unmarried women.

Old European Resentments and Prejudices Resurfacing

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti admits that the fight over the eurozone crisis is opening some old wounds.

Apple Worth More Than Greece (Well, Not Really)

The combined value of Apple’s stock is more than the GDP of some countries.

There Are No “Europeans”

The problem with Europe may not be the Euro, but the fact that there really aren’t any Europeans.

UK Defense Secretary Tough on Iran, Tougher on Europe

Philip Hammond addressed the Atlantic Council this morning in advance of a meeting with Leon Panetta.

Krugman’s Fear Mongering

Paul Krugman’s latest column, “Depression and Democracy,” is simply bizarre.

A Reminder of Turkey’s Disposition

Just a reminder: Turkey is a NATO ally.

Eurozone Too Big To Save?

“The debt crisis is burrowing ever deeper, like a worm, and is now reaching Germany.”

Russia on Combat Alert over NATO Missile Defense

We’re hearing the howls of a wounded bear.

EU Bars Claim That Water Prevents Dehydration

From Europe, a case of regulation gone nuts.

Italy’s Unelected Government

Italy’s new government is comprised exclusively of un-elected experts.

Austerity Package Passes Italian Senate; Stage Set for New PM

Interesting and significant goings on in Italian politics.

Republican Candidates To Europe: Drop Dead

Last night, most of the leading Republican candidates for President acted as if Europe was on another planet.

Ciao, Silvio

Next Up: Italy

Greek Prime Minister to Resign

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will resign after the makeup of the nation’s new coalition government is decided

Europe’s Democracy Problem

My latest for The Atlantic: “For Europe, Some Fear a Conflict Between Union and Democracy”

ECB Cuts Rates

Greece’s Dangerous Gamble

The Greek referendum could be a disaster for the global economy. And might be the right thing to do.

Eurozone’s Perpetual Crisis

European leaders continue to kick the can down the road on a crisis that could bring down the global economy.

Brits End Gender Discrimination in Royal Succession

Commonwealth leaders agreed to drop rules that give sons precedence as heir to the throne and bar anyone in line for the crown from marrying a Roman Catholic.

Scotsman Jailed 8 Months For Facebook Comments

In Scotland, posting stupid things on Facebook is a “hate crime” punishable by serious jail time.

UK Blocking Internet Porn, Requires Opt-In [UPDATE: Maybe Not]

The British government has worked out a deal to block pornographic websites unless households specifically request them.

Two To Three Weeks To Prevent A Meltdown In Europe?

It’s time to start being concerned about Europe.