Wars and Rumors Of Wars

It’s time for another round of speculation about Iran and its nuclear program.

Gaddafi’s Dead. Now What?

The post-Gaddafi era has been made permanent. What comes next?

What Is Iran Up To, If They’re Up To Anything?

What’s the logic behind Iran’s alleged plot to commit terrorist attacks inside the United States?

Iranian Terror Plot in US Foiled

The Justice Department claims to have disrupted a major Iranian-backed terrorist attack in the United States.

Palestinians Present Statehood Application To United Nations

We may have entered a new and dangerous phase of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

At U.N., Obama Says There Are No Shortcuts To Peace

President Obama explained his position on the Palestinian statehood resolution today, but one wonders if anyone listened.

Rick Perry’s Odd And Alarming Critique Of U.S. Mideast Policy

Rick Perry’s speech criticizing the President’s policies in the Middle East raised more questions than it answered.

Palestinians To Go Forward With U.N. Statehood Resolution

Foolishly, the Palestinians are going forward with their effort to get Palestinian statehood recognized by the United Nations.

Libya and the Credit Due

Steve Benen has coined the phrase “Thank America Last” to describe those avoiding praise of President Obama for success in Libya.

Libya Fight Reaches Tripoli

After months of fits and starts, it appears anti-Gaddafi forces are on the verge of victory.

Panetta: At Least Some Non-Combat Troops Will Remain In Iraq After 2011

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta gave the strongest signal ever that there will be some U.S. military presence in Iraq after December 31st.

U.S. Calls For Assad To Step Down In Syria, But Options Are Limited

The U.S. and its allies are calling on Bashar Assad to step down, but there’s little we can do when he says no.

Iraq Is Backing Syria’s Dictator. Why The Heck Did We Go To War Again?

Iraq has become so dependent on Iran for its survival that it is endorsing the brutal tactics of Bashar Assad.

Syrian Crackdown Continues, International Options Limited

International options with respect to Syria are limited and likely to have little impact on the governments treatment of civilians.

Mubarak On Trial

Will the trial of Hosni Mubarak actually change anything?

Syrian Troops Continue Crackdown Amid International Pressure

The world is starting to denounce the crackdown in Syria, but the reaction seems unlikely to go much beyond strongly worded statements.

Supreme Court Asked To Decide If “Born In Jerusalem” Means “Born In Israel”

The Supreme Court is being asked to decided if Congress can overrule a foreign policy position the U.S. has held since 1948.

Post-Gaddafi Libya

Is NATO prepared for what happens when they win?

Gaddafi and the ICC: Meaningless, Unfair, or Both?

The selective application of international law is here to stay.

Syria and the Do Something Syndrome

Ousting evil dictators is harder than it looks.

Congress vs. Obama on Libya

The War Powers Act’s 90 day limit is in sight. Will Congress force the president’s hand?

Is Obama Bullying Israel on Peace Talks?

The United States is pressuring the Netanyahu government to move off its hard line.

Is the Syrian Military Fracturing?

It appears that the Syrian military is starting to fracture. Exactly how widespread this is remains to be seen.

America’s Newest Secret War, Or The Same One We’ve Been Fighting For Ten Years?

American drone strikes in Yemen are intensifying. Is this a new war. or just the same one we’ve been fighting since October 2001?