Cocaine and Geopolitics

Some info from the World Drug Report

Basic Truths on US-Mexican Relations

In fact, yes: the demand for drugs does come largely from the US.


Arming The Syrian Rebels Not Likely To Accomplish Anything

Arming the Syrian rebels may do nothing more than prolong a seemingly endless war, and pull the United States into a conflict it shouldn’t be involved in.

The American People Want To Stay Out Of Syria

A new poll shows that 62% of Americans oppose American military intervention in Syria’s civil war.

Just This Once, John McCain Is (Partly) Right

John McCain is right that we shouldn’t send ground troops to Syria, but his idea for increased U.S. intervention in the country’s civil war is still too risky.

The Unhealthy State of Iraqi Politics and Democratic Development

Shutting down media that the government doesn’t like is unlikely to solve the sectarian problems in Iraq.

Italy has a New Government

After months of impasse, a new coalition has been formed in Italy.

Was Obama’s Syrian “Red Line” A Mistake?

President Obama may regret drawing a line in the sand over Syrian chemical weapons.

North Korea Calming Down?

In a chaotic week, one source of chaos was remarkably quiet.

The Kind of Thinking that Brought us the Iraq War

A preventative strike against North Korea is a bad idea.

North Korea’s Bluster: How Should We Respond?

So what, exactly, is going on in North Korea? And how should we respond to Kim’s bluster?

Korean War II Not Easy As It Looks

The Army has war gamed a conflict to secure a failed North Korea. It would not be a cakewalk.

Understanding History: The Argentine Military Regime

Providing a little context for Pope Francis’ background+Erick Erickson needs to learn a little history.

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