Argentine Presidential Elections Start Today

The first of a potential three rounds.

How Does This War End?

Russian war crimes have made a diplomatic settlement next to impossible.

US to Cooperate with Hague on Russia War Crimes

President Biden has ended a months-long impasse.

Europe Becoming Poorer?

The Eurozone is falling further behind the United States.

Sweden To Join NATO

Turkey’s Erdogan has agreed to drop his objection.

Erdogan Conditions Sweden’s NATO Bid on Turkey EU Admission

Finally, a rationale that makes sense.

NATO to Bolster Ukraine Aid

Membership is stalled by more support is coming.

US Considering Sending Banned Weapons to Ukraine

A bad idea fueled by desperation.

Anarchy in France

The rioting never seems to stop.

Unreality in Russia?

And some cable “news” thoughts.

Russia Insurrection Updates

One question answered. Another raised.

Russia’s Short-Lived Insurrection

Well, that de-escalated quickly.

Wagner Mercenaries in Rebellion

A stupid move by a crackpot? Or a turning point?

Bringing Ukraine Into NATO

The Biden Administration is pushing for a half measure.

PGA, LIV, and World Tour Merging

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

Looking to Poland

Protests against the governing party signal tensions in advance of fall elections.

The Good Guys Do Propaganda, Too

Ukraine is heavily censoring foreign media.

Chotiner Eviscerates Koppel on Kissinger

After giving a softball interview, he apparently expected one in return.

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A Dumb Abuse of Power


Chinese Attack Critical Infrastructure

The US intelligence community and Silicon Valley are warning of a major threat.

This is What War Crimes Look Like

The leveling of Bakhmut is the latest Russian atrocity.

Kick Russia Off the Security Council?

A bad idea backed up by worse reasoning.

Putin’s Failed Gambit

He’s turned Russia from a G-8 member to an international pariah.

Ukraine vs Taiwan

Do we have to pick one?

China Calling in its Loans to Poor Countries

Debt-trap diplomacy has finally come home to roost.

Biden Neutral on Turkish Elections

Normal diplomacy with an abnormal ally.

Zelensky Privately Wants to Attack Russia Targets

Leaked intelligence intercepts take us inside the Ukrainian war room.

Turkey’s Elections

Don’t get your hopes up.

Unrest in Pakistan

Corruption charges against the former premier have sparked rioting.

Poland ‘Renames’ Kaliningrad

The city once known as Koenigsberg is now Krolewiec, at least in Polish government documents.

Why the Catholic Church Sides with Putin and Orban

The Pope is siding with evil.

King Charles III

The UK has a new figurehead.

[Top Secret Clip Art] [Top Secret Clip Art]

More Classified Ukraine Documents Leaked

The problem has intensified—and spread beyond Ukraine secrets.

Ukraine War Plans Leaked

Russia is circulating doctored versions of plans for a Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Finland’s Ordinary Election

A refreshing instance of normal democratic politics amid interesting times.

Russia’s Economy is Collapsing But Not Fast Enough

Sanctions and a costly war are taking their toll.

Israel is Revolting

The Netanyahu government is facing massive strikes and protests over its latest authoritarian moves.

Ron DeSantis’ Mushy Foreign Policy

The would-be President is floundering as he tries to position himself.

ICC Issues Arrest Warrant for Putin

The Russian leader’s status as an international pariah is cemented.

Republicans Divided on Foreign Policy

As memory of the Cold War fades, so does support for American primacy.

Pentagon Opposes Helping Prosecute Russian War Crimes

A wrongheaded if longstanding position.

Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War Flag Ukraine Silhouette Ruins Soldier War

NATO Sending Mixed Signals to Ukraine and Russia

Alliance leaders have significantly different priorities regarding the conflict.

Most of the World Doesn’t Care About Ukraine

Many in the Global South see the war very differently than we in the West.

Risk, Reward, and Statecraft

President Biden’s dangerous gambit seems to have succeeded.

Russia-Ukraine War at One Year

Putin is losing but no one is winning.

US Tells Citizens to Leave Russia (Again)

And this time, we mean it.

Chinese Balloon Mania

Tales of threat assessment and media reactions.

China Aiding Russia in Ukraine War

The PRC is skirting sanctions to supply a frienemy.