CBS “Insurgent Cameraman” Turned In By Iraqis

Mudville Gazette has several items, and compares the reports from CBS to other sources.

CNN has reported that this CBS cameraman has been arrested in Iraq as an insurgent. According to the report his camera contained footage of an insurgent attack on American forces, authorities believe he was ‘tipped off’.


James Joyner (0740 4-8) adds: I had begun this as a separate post before seeing that Kate had already posted on it. I’ll put it here instead as background:

Cameraman for CBS wounded by U.S. troops in Iraq (Reuters)

An Iraqi freelance cameraman who works for CBS News was shot and wounded on Tuesday in northern Iraq by U.S. troops who mistook his camera for a weapon, the U.S. military and CBS News said. The cameraman and reporter suffered minor injuries when he was shot while covering a firefight for CBS in Mosul, CBS News said. It asked that the man’s name not be reported for his protection.

The U.S. military said in a statement from Mosul released at the Pentagon that U.S. soldiers had been involved in an engagement with at least one suspected insurgent who was “waving an AK-47 (assault rifle) and inciting a crowd of civilians.” During the incident, “an individual that appeared to have a weapon who was standing near the insurgent was shot and injured. This individual turned out to be a reporter who was pointing a video camera,” the military statement said. “Regretfully, the reporter was injured during the complex and volatile situation,” the military said, adding that the incident was under investigation.

The suspected insurgent was killed, the military said.

The man, who was from Mosul, was taken to a U.S. military hospital where he was treated for what the military said were minor wounds. He was expected to make a full recovery.

I’ll bet Eason Jordan is smiling.

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  1. kilgore trout says:

    I believe most of the US news organization use Iraqi “stringers” to go out in public to get stories, since Western reporters admit they are too afraid to leave their hotels. I wonder how much news we see in NYTimes, WaPo, CBSNBCABC,etc. is filtered by these stringer/insurgents? This could explain a lot about the content and tone of what we see in US media—-US news organization as tools of terrorists—-I love it!

  2. Jim Henley says:

    But since most Iraqis support the United States, and are grateful for being liberated, then why would most of the stringers be “insurgents?”

    Also, why ARE those reporters afraid to leave their hotels? Things are much better than the Emm Ess Emm is reporting, I understand. So it must not really be that dangerous. And throughout history, war reporters have braved extreme dangers indeed to get stories and get their mugs on camera in front of some nice juicy action. It’s a puzzler.