CBS News: Gore Separation Is George Bush’s Fault

CBS News Correspondent Sharryl Attkinson and The Washington Post’s Sally Quinn combine for what may well be the most ridiculous comment yet about the separation of Al and Tipper Gore:

Al Gore was the Democratic Presidential nominee in 2000, ultimately losing a controversial election for former President George W. Bush. He later shared a Nobel Peace Prize and Oscar for his work to raise awareness of climate change and his related documentary on the issue, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Family friend Sally Quinn told CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson that Gore winning the popular vote for president but losing the electoral vote may have done the marriage irreparable harm.

“He’s obviously suffered a lot,” Quinn said. “He’ll never get over that and neither will she.”

Seriously, I was no fan of George W. Bush, but isn’t it time we put a moratorium on blaming the man for everything that’s wrong with the world ?

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. The symptoms of Bush Derangement Syndrome linger long after the disease has run its course.

  2. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says:

    Doug, we know your are not a Bush fan. How can you be, and be a Obama waterboy?

  3. Dave says:

    Is this really blaming George W. Bush? I mean, Al Gore lost the US presidency in the closet election in history. That wasn’t George Bush’s fault, but I imagine it still kinda blows.

  4. CDub says:

    Seriously, I was no fan of George W. Bush, but isn’t it time we put a moratorium on blaming the man for everything that’s wrong with the world ?

    This is only what we’ve discovered in the 1 1/2 years he’s been out of office. There’s 6 1/2 years of his legacy left to uncover.
    Between Ronnie the actor and GW the C student good ‘ol boy to have a beer with, Yea, he gets the blame, cuz Ronnie’s brain went haywire so at least he has an excuse.
    GW & the GOP had a 8 year ticket, dined, dashed, and left us at the table to pay the bill.
    If you aren’t able to acknowledge the obvious by now, good luck living in delusion.
    Gore put his all into that campaign and he won.
    The Supreme court put Bush in office, then Bush appointed 2 more Right Wingers that just made new law leaving companies like BP the ability to spend unlimited amounts of money on political persuasion for candidates of their choice in our elections, and you just have to look as far as the millions of gallons of oil pouring into gulf to see how it will be for the foreseeable future.
    Yes, that was by Bush ( & Cheney) too, along with the leftover Interior Dept appointees who completely trashed the EPA regulations for offshore drilling.
    Wake up- or not, your choice.
    The division in this country is manufactured as a wedge.

  5. CDub says:


    Bush and the Republican REMOVED the normal environmental restrictions from these leases:

    Normally, the MMS is required to do an “Environmental Impact Study” before any leases can be allowed. This is mandated under “Section 18” of the “Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act,” (OCSLA.)

    In 2005, Bush/Republicans passed GOMESA, which circumvents all environmental protection laws for these leases. From the MMS document:

    “However, GOMESAct mandated that the area be offered without
    the need to undergo section 18 analysis and inclusion in the
    5-year program preparation process. Therefore, this area is
    not subject to any of the section 18 analysis in this

    So Bush and the Republicans deliberately removed any environmental restrictions that might have stopped this well from being drilled, that might have protected the wetlands or put more stringent rules or controls in place.

    The final insult from MMS:

    “As a result of the lifting of the Congressional moratorium
    in GOMESAct and the modification of the 1998 Presidential
    withdrawal on January 9, 2007, the 181 South Area is no
    longer under restriction.”

  6. Juneau says:

    If you aren’t able to acknowledge the obvious by now, good luck living in delusion.
    Gore put his all into that campaign and he won.

    Grow up. He lost three times, and even the recount which was informally conducted by the liberal press afterwards couldn’t come up with the numbers to put Gore on top. You know, I sincerely thought my sister’s best friend stole a lollipop from me when I was 10, but I didn’t use it as an excuse for becoming a car thief.

    BTW, the EPA is one of the reasons this is happening, in two respects.

    First, just think if we didn’t have to drill in 5,000 ft. of water and could tap the billions of identified reserves within the continental US. Whole lot easier to cap a well on dry land. What a concept.

    Second, the EPA is one of the main reasons that Louisiana had to wait (and wait, and wait) for Federal approval to build sand berms to protect the environment . How stupid and bureaucratic is that, to have the environment trashed because you’re waiting for permission from the agency that is supposed to protect the environment? Good thing Obama’s administration is so much more responsible and intelligent.

  7. CDub says:

    Not so, on the Bush v. Gore recount. The supreme court stopped it.

    The Florida Supreme Court had ordered “counting of the legal votes contained within the undervotes in all counties where the undervote has not been subjected to a manual tabulation.” The U.S. Supreme Court overruled the Florida Supreme Court and stopped their recount via an unsigned “per curiam” opinion in Bush v. Gore, with three Justices (Rehnquist joined by Scalia and Thomas) concurring in a separate opinion. Four Justices (Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer) each wrote their own opinion with various combinations of the other three joining. The media recount study found that under the system of limited recounts in selected counties as was requested by the Gore campaign, the only way that Gore would have won was by using counting methods that were never requested by any party, including “overvotes” — ballots containing more than one vote for an office. While some of these ballots recorded votes for two separate candidates, a significant number (20 percent in Lake County, for example) were cases of a voter voting for a candidate and then also writing in that same candidate’s name on the write-in line. A judge supervising the recount told the Orlando Sentinel that he had been open to the idea of examining the overvotes, and had been planning to discuss the matter at a hearing when the U.S. Supreme Court stopped the recount. According to Mickey Kaus of (emphasis in original), “If the recount had gone forward Judge Lewis might well have counted the overvotes in which case Gore might well have won.”[7]

    The New York Times did its own analysis of how mistaken overvotes might have been caused by confusing ballot designs. It found that the butterfly ballot in heavily Democratic Palm Beach County may have cost Gore a net 6286 votes, and the two page ballot in similarly Democratic Duval County may have cost him a net 1999 votes, each of which would have made the difference by itself.

    The easy oil is gone. GONE. No company in this great capitalist land would willingly pay 1 million dollars a day in a high-risk environment when they could just saunter in and put a well on dry land.
    The dry land oil is in Oklahoma, with a derrick on the State Capital front lawn.
    Why don’t we use CNG?? We have enough in the lower 48 to power us for years.
    It’s against the law except for fleet vehicles- why? Big Oil gots a lockdown.

    As for the berms…I don’t recall Bobby J with the Katrina master plan.
    Give me a break. where they want to dredge the sand impacts the Chandeleur Islands and is home to a wildlife refuge. The Islands are already disappearing because the tidal currents erode the shoreline into the continuously dredged Mississippi Delta. It creates current that has had significant erosion after Katrina. Another Knee-Jerk.
    I for one am glad Obama is pragmatic in his approach to gather information, lay blame where it is due, assemble a team of experts, and then address the issue with a plan that has a measurable amount of success.

    Here- this is from an expert.

    But rather than my observations, let’s look at the comments of the agencies that were consulted, first of all, a telling extract from the Department of the Interior (there is much more):

    Given the size of this project and the fact that the project cannot be completed within a timeframe needed for it to provide protection to the Delta, we do not think the risks inherent in proceeding without more environmental study and knowledge are acceptable. We are however open to reviewing any projects proposed by the State that could be executed in time to prove helpful in minimizing the devastating impacts of this spill.

    And then from the Environmental Protection Agency:


    In these comments, EPA is only addressing the 40 miles of berms described above (E3, E4, W8, W9, WIO, WI 1). EPA continues to have significant additional concerns about the original proposals to build 80-120 miles of berms. Clearly a project of the 80-120 mile scope is so significant that under normal permitting procedures it would likely require full NEPA review-and NEPA review of this project under normal permitting procedures would likely be required as well.

  8. Tano says:

    As others have noted – how on earth does blaming the stress of the 2000 election constitute blaming Bush?

    It doesn’t.

    And even if it did – how does CBS reporting what Sally Quinn said justify a title in which CBS is “blamed” for blaming Bush for the breakup?

    It pisses me off to see this site mouthing nonsense on a Malkin-type level.
    Bad show.

  9. Derrick says:

    This is seriously one of the weirdest posts I’ve seen here. If someone wrote a post about how George HW Bush and Barbara Bush broke up because he hadn’t gotten over 96′, I wouldn’t think it was automatically blaming Clinton. This whole BDS thing is one huge crutch for those on the Right to claim victimization. I wish Democrats would come out with something as whiny and self-serving for any thing that might remotely be critical of Obama.

  10. Perhaps the answer to your complaints is that everyone should just shut up with their speculation about why the Gore’s broke up, including the vapid and uninteresting Sally Quinn

  11. john personna says:

    I guess it’s a reading comprehension test. That quote, as silly as it was, didn’t blame Bush. It didn’t even blame hanging chads or electoral officials. It blamed “winning the popular vote for president but losing the electoral vote.” Not something I’d expect to stress a marriage, and Gore seems good humored about it by now, but I wasn’t there …

  12. Derrick says:

    Perhaps the answer to your complaints is that everyone should just shut up with their speculation about why the Gore’s broke up, including the vapid and uninteresting Sally Quinn

    That’s fine, but your post didn’t say that. Your making as uneducated a speculation on her reasoning as she is on the Gore’s.

  13. Herb says:

    I think it’s obvious why they broke up. Al likes Twisted Sister. Tipper likes burning carbon.

  14. Juneau: says:

    The easy oil is gone. GONE.

    Educate yourself.

  15. Nod4Eight says:

    Did CDub site wikipedia as a source? Hold on, I’m gonna go change it to reflect my opinion, brb…

  16. walkerny says:

    Let’s get real. Gore has made a TON of money on his global warming scam, and he now wants to chase young model tail… Life is short, and it is easy to blame Bush, but he honestly should blame his buddy “Willy” and I don’t mean “Slick Willy”.

  17. Oliver says:

    Great, Now Gore can go get some Eco strange.