Chavez Heads to Cuba for Surgery

Via the BBC (Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez heads to Cuba for more surgery):  “Mr Chavez, 57, is expected to undergo an operation on a lesion which he says is probably malignant.”

Why Cuba, one might ask?

I think that Greg Weeks provided the basic answer earlier this week:

The Hugo Chávez saga keeps chugging along. He says there is a good chance the lesion is malignant and is going to Havana because "allá [en Cuba] hay más seguridad para este tipo de operación," by which he means no information can get out.


The end result is confusion and distrust, which is exactly what the country does not need at the moment


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  1. tps says:

    Just a rumor but wouldn’t shock me in the least if it was true.

    Hugo ordered just about all the country’s gold reserves moved from foreign banks back to Venezuela earlier this year. Nothing wrong with that at all. However it seems that Venezuela isn’t ‘safe’ enough for the gold either. Cuba, on the other hand, is and therefore that’s where its being moved to.