Cheney Wanted to Bomb Syria in 2007

Via the NYTCheney Says He Urged Bush to Bomb Syria in ’07

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says in a new memoir that he urged President George W. Bush to bomb a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor site in June 2007. But, he wrote, Mr. Bush opted for a diplomatic approach after other advisers — still stinging over “the bad intelligence we had received about Iraq’s stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction” — expressed misgivings.

“I again made the case for U.S. military action against the reactor,” Mr. Cheney wrote about a meeting on the issue. “But I was a lone voice. After I finished, the president asked, ‘Does anyone here agree with the vice president?’ Not a single hand went up around the room.”

I guess that Cheney’s memoir is going to reinforce the notion that he was the uberhawk in the Bush administration.

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  1. Dave Schuler says:

    We might save time if we made a list of the countries he didn’t want to bomb.

  2. Ron Beasley says:

    Good one Dave! I have disagreed at one time or another but Cheney was a first for me – he is truly evil.

  3. Franklin says:

    Schuler beat me to it.

    My views have softened significantly on GWB, but one thing I can’t forgive him for is his choice of VP, which of course was influenced heavily by Cheney himself.