Chinese Communists More Capitalist Than USA?

Dan Drezner has the details, illustrating the crazy mixed up world in which we live in.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Dave Schuler says:

    Do as I say, not as I do. Does this mean the Chinese will be dismantling the elaborate system of export subsidies, import barriers and quotas, and other measures every bit as protectionist as tariffs?

    I think the audience for the commentary is the rubes. I.e. us.

  2. odograph says:

    Did you see that the Chinese bought more cars in a recent month than Americans? It’s a new world to wrap your head around.

    (For 100+ years we have been neither 100% capitalist nor 100% socialist. Now the Chinese are adding more capitalism to their mix. Their recovery from extremism is possibly the biggest event of this century … if they can actually find balance.)