Chirac Bows to Mob, Changing Job Law

Jacques Chirac is reversing course, dropping his changes to French labor law, in response to violent protestors.

French President Jacques Chirac has announced that the new youth employment law that sparked weeks of sometimes violent protests will be scrapped. He said it would be replaced by other measures to tackle youth unemployment. Millions of students and union members have taken to the streets over the last month in protest against the law, which made it easier to fire young workers. Unions and student leaders said it was “a great victory” and were due to meet to decide if the protests should go on. . . . Union leaders had given the government until Easter weekend to withdraw the law or face a repeat of the recent general strikes.

Clearly, this will lead to labor peace in our time.

Update: Gateway Pundit has the perfect headline: “France Surrenders!”



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James Joyner
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  1. Maggie says:

    How do you say “take to the streets” in French?

    It worked for Muslim youths burning cars and now students/labor unions have succeeded.

    Isn’t this what we now see on OUR STREETS regarding the immigration issue?