Chirac Names Dominique de Villepin new Prime Minister

Dominique de Villepin is France’s new Prime Minister.

Chirac names Dominique de Villepin new Prime Minister (Forbes)

President Jacques Chirac has named Dominique de Villepin as France’s new Prime Minister, officials said. De Villepin replaces Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who resigned earlier today after France’s massive rejection of the proposed EU constitution. De Villepin, a close ally of Chirac for several years, was previously Interior Minister.

Lovely. Most Americans will remember de Villepin best as the Foreign Minister who would not even go so far as to say that he hoped the Americans were victorious over Saddam Hussein.

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James Joyner
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  1. You forgot to add “who’s a man” in your heading.

  2. WL Mackenzie says:

    As a Canadian under the repression of an unconstitutionally sitting government lead by a criminal political cartel and a Prime Minister who is a lynchpin in that cartel, I find the concept of a “president” replacing a Prime minister” to be an agreeable one. I also note that “W” is fairly adept at replacing “rogue” regimes…perhaps he may entertain doing something for Canada that our Governor General and Sovereign didn’t do after they abandoned their responsibility to do so.

  3. Scott in CA says:

    Sacre Crap! Now we’re going to have to deal with this fool again. I do think that de Villepin will have a very different experience dealing with Condi rather than Colin.