Well, as expected, I didn’t miss a lot in not doing much blog cruising on Christmas. Indeed, Christmas was the most prominent subject.

Matt Yglesias wished everyone a happy one even though he doesn’t like the holiday, is annoyed the stores are closed, and was once in a bad Christmas pageant.

Michael J. Totten had an early Christmas in Idaho, which I understand is one of the states now.

Kevin Drum’s cat, Inkblot, wished everyone–even dogs–a meowy Christmas.

Rob Smith’s son, Quinton, had a good holiday and thinks his dad ain’t so bad for an ugly old geezer.

Venomous Kate, via guest blogger Kevin, wished us all well and vows to return tomorrow–which is now today.

Kevin Aylward had too much to eat and vows not to again–until the next time.

Dodd Harris had a very partisan Christmas.

Steven Taylor wished everyone a Blessed Christmas, even Saddam Hussein.

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