Chávez Returns

Hugo is back in Venezuela.

Via the BBC:  Triumphant return for ailing Hugo Chavez

Dressed in military uniform with a red beret, he stood on the balcony of the palace to sing the national anthem and address his supporters.

It’s been a triumphant return for the president who looked frightened and apologetic in his message to the nation broadcast last week in which he informed Venezuelans that he had been treated for cancer.

It seemed that the government had deliberately wanted to surprise the country with his return. New pictures of his recuperation in Cuba were released on Sunday with no hint that he might be back in Caracas within a matter of hours.

The exact state of his health is unclear, although I expect the public posturing going forward to be of a positive nature on that front.  Although, he did state that he would not be able to participate in Independence Day celebrations (and it’s a big one: 200).

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