Clinton Edge Over Obama Widens

Hillary Clinton has re-established a “double-digit lead over Obama and the rest of the field of candidates for the nomination, after a mid-April poll showed her with only a 5-point lead,” according to the latest Gallup poll. Jeffrey Jones analyzes the internals and finds that,

Among those who prefer Clinton over Obama, the most common reason given for their choice is that “Clinton is more experienced than Obama,” mentioned by 35% of Clinton supporters. Nearly one in four also cite her issue positions and agenda. Seventeen percent say they prefer Clinton because “she is a woman.” Ten percent mention the fact that “Bill Clinton was president.” Ten percent also say they are more familiar with Clinton than Obama.


No single theme dominates Obama supporters’ stated reasons for preferring him over Clinton. The most common are that his supporters consider him to be “fresh and new,” that they agree with his issue positions and agenda, and that they like him or dislike Clinton.

These results aren’t exactly surprising. After all, Clinton is known, not so much for her major accomplishments in the Senate — although most insiders say she has performed well — but for her time as first lady. Conversely, Obama is virtually unknown but has become Choice B in the race.

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James Joyner
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  1. Anderson says:

    I’ve thought all along that Obama is running for Veep … we’ll see.