CNN: Rick Perry To Announce He’s Running On Saturday At RedState Gathering

In some sense it’s the lease surprising news of the week, but it does now appear that Rick Perry will be entering the Presidential race this weekend just as the other Republican candidates are lobbying for support at the Ames Straw Poll:

Des Moines, Iowa (CNN) – Texas Gov. Rick Perry will announce that he is running for president on Saturday in South Carolina, a Republican familiar with the plans told CNN.

Previous reports had indicated that Perry would use a speech at the conservative RedState Gathering in Charleston to make his intentions clear, but would stop short of officially announcing a presidential bid.

As I said earlier this week when this possibility was first floated, it is a rather masterful political move in the way that it deflects attention, and media coverage, from both tonight’s debate in Des Moines and Saturday’s straw poll in Ames.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Bleev K says:

    Couldn’t we have at least one republican who isn’t crazy?

  2. michael reynolds says:

    Yay, another swaggering, bible-thumpingTexas governor. That always works!

  3. Yet another disillusioned pawn says:

    @michael reynolds: Well, it does in GOP circles. Now for the next question: Is Barack Obama to Al Gore what Rick Perry is to George W?

  4. hey norm says:

    @ Yet another disillusioned pawn….
    Actually Rick the Apostle worked for Gore…so your 1/2-assed comparison falls apart.

  5. moxylady says:

    NO RAIN…..I Guess GOD is punishing Texas for it being the Biggest Carbon Polluter in the USA.

  6. moxylady says:

    really eerie pigs uttering blatant lies in crasy audacious nonsence

    thats what i think republican stand for, what a bunch of airheads