Terrorists Car Bomb Fuel Tanker in Baghdad, Kill 58

58 dead in attack south of Baghdad (CNN)

A fuel tanker detonated near a gas station south of Baghdad and killed 58 people, a bloody incident police are calling an attack. The strike — which occurred in Musayyab, in a volatile stretch in Babil province about 45 miles south of the capital — also wounded 86 people, police said.

Police say the blast destroyed a neighboring apartment complex and damaged a Shiite mosque and surrounding businesses.


Update (7-17): Richard at Hyscience has some first-hand information from an observer on the scene in Baghdad.

I’m Sorry to tell you that today evening at 7:00 pm here in my city a suicide blast occurred killing 60 and injuring 90 while I was doing my shopping. Just 50 meters from me it occurred ! The blast caused by a fuel tank-car driven by a suicide bomber exploded in the center of our city directly in front of the main town mosque. The place usually crowded by different people who usually do their marketing or sitting in casinos for a short rest. Most of the people are civil citizens- women , children & old men.

Much more at the link.

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  1. Brian J. says:

    They damaged a mosque? Undoubtedly, this will lead to widespread charges of insensitivity.