Coalition Forces Recover Caches

In Afghanistan Coalition forces found and secured two caches of weapons and two caches of drugs.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Coalition forces recovered two weapons caches and two drug caches on Sunday.

An Afghan citizen turned in a weapons cache to the Afghan National Police (ANP) near Lashkar Gah containing seven 200-pound bombs of an unknown nomenclature.

The ANP has secured the weapons cache and will stand guard until Coalition forces destroy it at a later date.

The second weapons cache was recovered by Coalition forces near Jalalabad. The cache contained two 75 mm rounds, nine 82 mm mortar tubes, three 14.5 mm machine guns, one ZSU-1, one BM-12 launcher, two dishkas, two 23 mm machine guns, one RPK, 2,500 14.5 mm rounds and 11 82 mm rounds.

Coalition forces have secured the weapons cache.

The ANP led Coalition forces to a drug cache near Jalalabad. The cache included 4.5 kilos of opium and 2.25 kilos of hashish.

The ANP have secured the drug cache and will destroy it at a later date.

The second drug cache was reported to Coalition forces near Qalat. Local Afghan police confiscated the cache containing 23 kilos of opium from a local national.

The local Afghan police have secured the cache and will destroy it at a later date.

Funny not a bit of news about this over at Google News (well okay there are two other .mil sites, and a military related .org). I suppose some will be tempted to leave snarky messages about how it is only a few weapons and munitions. Of course, there are weapons and munitions that wont be killing people now, but hey why let that get in the way of a good snark.

And yes, I did read the article about the end of the search for WMDs in Iraq. Yes it is a big black mark for Bush that no large stockpiles have been found, and that it looks like Saddam was largely disarmed back in the 1990s.

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  1. DC Loser says:

    The news isn’t the arms cache, as Afghanistan was awash in weapons, but the drug caches. This is confirmation that the drug trade is alive and well after the Taliban left. Does Karzai have enough clout to put a stop to it or does he have to wink at the problem to get the warlords to play with him?

  2. Ralph Dosser says:

    Yeah, the primary rationale for the war – the reason we went – turns out to have been wrong, just like all those traitorous lefties said it was. Yawn. No big deal. Our army battered, scarred and overextended and 10Ks dead for a lie. 10k American limbs and minds shredded for no reason. Big black mark there. Get over it. Maybe Syria will come out better. Or maybe Social Security has WMDs. Let’s move on.

  3. kenny says:

    The main news orgs probably arent’t covering this because it’s not much of a story.

    As far as the drugs are concerned whilst capturing 27.5 kgs of opium is good, in the grand scheme of things it’s not very important. The afghanistan opium crop this years is estimated to be around 4,200 tons of the stuff.