I saw this earlier today and forgot to link it: Michele received a note this morning :

Re: Command Post: The Library has selected your site for inclusion in the historic collection of the 2003 War on Iraq Internet materials. The Library requests your permission to collect your website. Our plan is to engage the Internet Archive, on behalf of the Library of Congress, to collect content from your website at regular intervals during the War. The Library will make this collection available to researchers onsite at Library facilities. The Library also wishes to make the collection available to offsite researchers by hosting the collection on the Library’s public access website. The Library hopes that you share its vision of preserving Web materials about the War and permitting researchers from across the world to access them.

This was a great idea by Michele and Alan–bringing together a collection of bloggers, including OTB, to post links on breaking war news as soon as they discovered it. CP didn’t always live up to its promise to be free from editorial opinion, and the number of contributors perhaps got a bit too large in terms of quality control, but it has been successful beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. The vast majority of the time, CP had the news before most of the major commercial news providers and even such Web stalwarts as the Drudge Report.

(Hat tip: PoliBlogger)

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