Condi Rice: I Won’t Run. I Won’t.

As Steven Taylor noted this morning, Secretary of State Condi Rice ruled out a presidential run (presumably, just for 2008) on the Sunday morning talk circuit today:

Rice Says She Won’t Run for President (AP)

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday ruled out running for president, responding to speculation fueled by a recent poll showing support for a Rice candidacy. Rice told The Washington Times last week, “I have never wanted to run for anything,” although she seemed to leave the door open to the possibility.

She closed the door in appearances on Sunday talk shows, telling NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “I will not run for president of the United States.” “I won’t run,” she told ABC’s “This Week.” “I won’t. How’s that? Is that categorical enough?”

But what if ordinary citizens, from each of the 50 states, were to sign petitions?*

Amusingly, WaPo’s Mike Allen has a story on page A05 of today’s edition entitled “‘Mildly Pro-Choice’ Rice Won’t Rule Out Presidential Bid.” It’s basically a recap of yesterday’s piece by Bill Sammon in the Washington Times.

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  1. Ian says:

    Bummer….. We need a woman to run. We need a compassionate president. A President for everyone, not just religious rich people.

  2. Al Dunagin says:

    Go Condi

  3. Red says:

    I would have told Russert anything too just to shut him up and get on to another question.

    Yeah, Sean Connery said he would never play James Bond also. Never Say Never, Again. Lets hope so. Run Condi, run …

  4. Gottlieb Almanegro says:

    A President who is ” not just for religious rich people”?? … lol … hilarious. So what is it we need? A President who represents poor heathens? Incredible.