Congress Feeling Pushback on SOPA

Ars Technica reports:  Under voter pressure, members of Congress backpedal (hard) on SOPA.

It appears that members of both the House and Senate are starting to feel some serious pressure on this issue.

For a SOPA FAQ, see Reddit (h/t: mistermix).

And amusingly, the main author of SOPA, Lamar Smith (R-TX) was caught violating copyrights on his congressional web site:  The Author of SOPA is a Copyright Violator.

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  1. michael reynolds says:

    Credit for leading the grass roots charge on this. That’s the home office of techie politics.

  2. Ron Beasley says:

    If Comcast is for it it must be bad!!!!

  3. Gold Star for Robot Boy says:

    From some pure vitriol, check Rupert Murdoch’s tweets about Obama being in the pocket of his “Silicon Valley paymasters.”