Cost of Pentagon’s New Personnel System Unknown

The Defense Department has radically realigned the way it hires, pays, and manages its 746,000 civilian employees. The system will cost a tidy sum to implement but the actual figures are not yet known.

NSPS Down Payment (WaPo, B2)

How much will it cost to launch a new civil service system at the Defense Department? There’s no hard figure, but the Government Accountability Office recently reported that the Pentagon estimates spending at $158 million through fiscal 2008. But, GAO noted, the Pentagon has not completed its implementation plan for the new system, called the National Security Personnel System, and has not assessed what technology and training requirements will cost. “The full extent of the resources needed to implement NSPS may not be well understood at this time,” GAO said.

For background on the new system, see Military Personnel Overhaul (25 May 04).

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