Cowboy Up

Hugh Hewitt (who is on the blogroll but I often forget to read because he never shows as updated on my blogroll) issued a very interesting challenge:

My offer to [John] Edwards to co-host my program any or all days from now until March 2 remains open. Given that I am on, among many palaces, in drive-time in L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and in the early evening in Boston, Atlanta, Cleveland and Cinncy –all Super Tuesday markets– I am certain he’d been tripling his exposure in those cities by coming into the studio, but I haven’t heard from the campaign. Arnold, of course, used talk radio like a scalpel in the California recall. The talkers are probably the only way to communicate with the Golden State electorate especially, and candidates in radio studios bring television cameras with them. We’ll see if Edwards has some cowboy in him.

While a risky move indeed it would seem to be a no-brainer for a candidate who needs the equivalent of two onside kicks, a Hail Mary Pass, and three interceptions to pull this one out. As Glenn Reynolds observes, “If Edwards passes on this offer, he deserves to lose.”

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