CPAC 2010: First Impressions

CPAC2010For reasons that elude me, getting set up at CPAC each year continues to be an exasperating experience.    The lines to get credentials are insane (although, either better this year or my timing was fortuitous) and the Bloggers’ Row setup always wanting.

This year, they waved our group into this odd room above the main speaking floor where there was a television tuned to a close circuit of the main speakers, a couple of small tables, and a gaggle of chairs.  Mary Katharine Ham and I were among the others stuck in the chairs — which makes sustained blogging rather difficult.  Also, I couldn’t connect to the wireless.

It turns out that there was actually a much bigger room that had lots of tables.  (A CPAC first, by the way, probably a function of bloggers at RedState sponsoring Bloggers’ Row this year.)  But, for some reason, they decided to issue individual wireless codes to each and every blogger.  And to not do it at registration.  Fortunately, I had the media code from the room upstairs and got in that way.

Still, an hour or so wasted in frustration just finding the right place and getting set up.

Also, in a big break from past tradition, there are televisions set up with volume sufficiently high to actually hear the speeches from Bloggers’ Row.  Indeed, louder than necessary.  As I confided to Sean Hackbarth, I haven’t yet decided whether this is a plus or a minus.

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