Crash Wins Best Picture at 2006 Oscars

I can’t remember the last time I cared about the Oscars, must less watched them. Interestingly, the only one of the Best Picture nominees that I have actually seen, “Crash,” won. It was an interesting and enjoyable film, although “Walk the Line” was probably the best movie I saw in a theater this year.

See “‘Crash’ Pulls Off Upset, Wins Best-Picture” for a roundup of the nominees and winners.

Apparently, most of the blogosphere is more interested in the topic than I am, as about a hundred people live blogged according to Memeorandum. Pajamas Media hosted a blogjam on the subject, Ed Morrissey live blogged, Ann Althouse simulblogged, Michelle Malkin blogged the live blogging, and James Wolcott chides conservatives for caring.

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  1. G A Phillips says:

    I watched “Team America” after this liberal lifestyle train wreck(the Oscars), and I felt much better. the acceptance speech by Reese was cool but that was about it.

  2. Pug says:

    Thunderbird seems to dislike Clooney (even has to spell it in all caps).

    Women love him. That’s the way it goes, eh T-Bird? Some guys have all the luck.

    Jessica Alba and Selma Hayek are enough to sell anybody on women of the Latin persuasion, no?