Criminal Urination

Ottawa Sun;

There will be a case of criminal urination in the nation’s capital if a judge convicts a 23-year-old man in connection with the Canada Day peeing incident at the National War Memorial.

Ottawa police made their intentions known yesterday, announcing they will lay charges today against the man caught on camera allegedly relieving himself on the memorial. Two Ottawa teens also caught urinating on the landmark will escape criminal sanctions and will be dealt with through alternative justice measures.

Probably not the 15 minutes of fame he was planning on.

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  1. I tell you. The Canadians elect a conservative and the next thing you know the piss police are breaking down your door. Now that Calderon was elected in Mexico, I’m sure they will have similar criminal prosecutions also.

    p.s. I wonder if he could do like 60’s draft dodgers and flee to a neighboring country?

  2. Marion says:

    It looks as though he urinated on himself before he unbuckled and carried out his protest.