The blogosphere, including this blogger, fixated on the rather insipid comments about blogging made in the roundtable on Meet the Press yesterday. Virginia Postrel calls our attention to a more amusing part of the discussion:

MR. BRODER: I saw the same kind of contrast when I was out there earlier this week. Gephardt gave a pep talk to about 175 union business agents and staff people who’;d come in from around the country. I’d say it was about 98 percent male and the median size of these guys, about 6’3″, 250 pounds. Then I went over to…

MR. RUSSERT: My kind of guy.

MR. BRODER: Then I went over to the Dean headquarters, they’re young, they’re female, they’re gay, and they’re small. And I thought to myself, I hope those Gephardt guys don’t run into the Dean people. You know it would be a bad scene.

MR. TODD: You know, it’ll be interesting at the caucuses, on caucus night, if there is some physical intimidation, or not, I mean…

MR. RUSSERT: Punch everybody out.

Mr. TODD: Yeah.

MR. BROWNSTEIN: I wanted to add a shirt size cross tab to our poll after experiencing the same thing. I think we’d find a pretty clear division.


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