Cuba to Host Wikileaks Documents

Via the BBC:  Cuba puts ‘imperialist’ US Wikileaks online

Of 2,080 leaked cables in which Cuba is mentioned, Wikileaks have so far made public only 62.

Cubadebate said it would focus on cables originating in the US interests section in Havana, the source of 507 leaked cables.

The documents have been translated into Spanish.

The Bolivian government has done something similar.

Of course, while the Cuban government will want to use the documents to make the US government look bad, they will be careful, one suspects, about translating and posting anything that might make themselves look bad in the process.

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  1. Axel Edgren says:


    Thanks to Assange, people know now that the US bombing approach in Yemen kills 50 civilians for every terrorist (Do US voters want to get protected like that? No one asked them and they weren’t told. Why is that classified?).

    I think Yemen civilians are grateful the US isn’t sacrosanct thanks to the misbehaving Assange, and Cuba should also be wary of the US and the very dubious way it goes about the war on terror etc. This is awesome.